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The Unified Level of Flow State

Volume 4, Issue 11

On this, one of the first springtime days, finally, I was able to clamber through the woods to the stream and meditate in Nature. Back at the house, a horde of tiny yellow birds flood the side deck feasting on the thistle seeds we put out for them.

We’ve been exploring the higher states of consciousness in recent posts and in this post we reach the highest level I have experienced — though probably not the highest state that exists in the Universe for Someone. In this state there is no separation between the current individual and the ageless Conscious Experiencer or Ultimate Self of the Universe. One is aware of that true identity directly, not simply as a concept.

In this level of Flow state it is impossible to be attached, that is, fixated on something needed for self-completion. One is already irrevocably self-complete. When it becomes ingrained as the omnipresent state, where there is no turning back, this is that ultra- rarest of states known classically as Enlightenment, Liberation, Moksha, and endless other names. It is not a myth.

I have experienced this level of Flow only at rare moments and briefly each time. A couple of those experiences are recounted in You Are The Universe: Imagine That.

After having experienced this state, I was firmly convinced that my intuition was correct, everything jibed, and it felt right. Nevertheless, I continue to fall back to lower states, as Acceleritis™-driven distractions engage the robot part of my mind into habitual attachment programs.

Even though once I was at the peak of the mountain, where I saw there was no sense at all in getting that sucked into the drama of the current incarnation, the pull of the gravity of repetition-ingrained reactions in the brain, with their powerful chemical effectors, drug the intellectually-aware mind into acting as if it does not know it is already complete, whole. The intense feeling and intuition of Oneness with the Creator fades while only an intellectual awareness of it remains. Over time, one spends more time in the upper levels, driven by awareness of the process, and by spending one’s days doing or transitioning to one’s passion work.

In this uppermost level of the Flow state, one has all of the benefits of the earlier stages on the stepladder of higher consciousness: objective perceptiveness in the Observer state, then the Flow state levels of self-perfect action, then self-perfect affect (bliss), then self-perfect cognition, then self-perfect precognition, and then fully merged back into what One Really Is.

While in that awakened state, the current life on Earth is seen as something like a dream from which one has awakened. Not exactly a dream because all of it counts for something and is of enormous cosmic significance, but now one is looking at it from a wholly different perspective, as a piece of art within an infinite tapestry — one is the spider spinning that multidimensional rainbow web.

In the prior Flow level of precognition, one experiences telepathy, precognition, and remote sensing. In this potentially-ultimate-for-humans state, add telekinesis. One actually wills events and they occur with unlikely predictivity.

This probably sounds like the Force in “Star Wars”, much like it did to George Lucas when he created the movie, out of his personal experiences no doubt.

Each of us has more power to create future reality than we realize. Even in the lower states of consciousness this is true, though often to our detriment.

Being part of the One Self, the One Consciousness, the One Energy Biocomputer that is the only thing that exists, why would we not have such powers?

Best to all,


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The Precognition Level of Flow State

Volume 4, Issue 10

Driving back from the inn where we held our Human Effectiveness Institute Spring Meeting I check out the baby black cows dotting the broad rolling field to my left. Grazing nearby, their mommies tower over them, the babies being the size of small dogs. I imagine holding one of the baby cows in my lap and petting it like a dog, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. A winding turn past a winery with vast rows of viniculture and then I am home to our little piece of paradise. In the house, warming up from the late April chill still hanging over from the brutal winter, I encounter the peony, which has now opened fully. It is an amazing specimen, huge like a pink many-petaled galaxy breathing its sweetness toward me, with hot pink tips to its stamens.

We had an agenda for the three days, which we all lovingly allowed to evaporate and then flowed like water through the topics that seemed to bubble up like passionate lava from one or another of my colleagues. My autonomic software-layer impulse was to continuously take charge of the meeting and I mostly ignored it, trusting the Universe to make sure everything necessary got done, which it all did, in its own chosen order.

For each of the last several blogposts we have been taking another step up the ladder of consciousness. We are exploring the highest states of consciousness, the Observer state, and the successive levels of Flow state: Action, Bliss, Cognition and now Precognition. I reported my experiences discerning different levels of the Flow state. Action, when my child actor/comic performances eventually slipped into doing themselves perfectly with me watching from nearby. Bliss, when not only Action but also feeling is at its very best. Cognition, when the speed of one’s mind in identifying and articulating deep insights becomes self-propelled.

Precognition is the next level up from there. This is a state strongly suffused with spiritual feeling. In the prior levels starting from Bliss there was an anticipation of this, the first levels going upward in which one senses something/someone larger, real and yet invisible, who is definitely paying attention to you and you feel it.

Since all benefits cumulate upward in the design of the system, for the benefit of the One Ultimate Beneficiary, this new sensing ability — which allows you to feel your connection to the One — starts in Bliss and is present to the same degree when Cognitive Flow takes over. The increase in this factor, this spiritual feeling, makes a quantum increase moving into the Precognitive Flow state.

It is an increase in the speed of the mind so much faster that it exceeds the speed of light and you are therefore able to see into what is about to happen before it happens. This can take place either in a very interactive challenge environment or in contemplation receiving highly-predictive visions. Telepathy, precognition, and remote sensing are the three manifestations of this acceleration in processing speed. The unusualness of this level is qualitatively beyond the Flow state levels below it. Until now these are the familiar human senses, feelings, and muscle control abilities, simply moved onto a whole new chart. In Precognitive Flow one is now entertaining supernatural powers as if they have always been in the toolkit. There is an instant injection into life that makes life far more interesting, exciting, and magical than it has ever been before, and you know that now, and you are letting It know you know. You are checking into this new place, you like it here. 

However, it is not happening by your craft but perhaps despite it — doing itself. You are not at the controls of these Powers. They appear to do themselves and are very helpful.

Your Noia ability increases, meaning that you find yourself automatically decoding hidden connections among diverse events occurring around you, and acting as if somebody is out to do something good for you, and you’re too smart to ignore all the hints. (Noia is the opposite of paranoia in our coinage.)

In our theory, as explained fully in You Are The Universe: Imagine That, information is freely flowing across the fictional boundary between the individual and the rest of the One because consciousness is One. At this high a level of consciousness one is seeing out from the stipulated confines of the individual to be aware that this was simply a boundary agreed to temporarily for the sake of the great game of Cosmopoly.

As explained more completely in the book, the ethics of the individual at this level of consciousness is utterly incompatible with ego dominance. In our theory of Holosentience the ego dominant states are the new self built since birth as circuitry added during neuron formation.

I did not invent all the stuff I added to the media business: I saw it happening in my head and shared the news. Precognition.

Everybody is capable of doing the same thing.

Best to all, 


Watch for my new book, You Are The Universe: Imagine That, coming this month.

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Useful Transcendence Techniques in Mental Wrestling

Volume 3, Issue 37

Fluttering saffron leaves wave at me through all the windows that surround. It is another ecstatic autumn day here in the Hudson Valley. Inside the house, décor projections of Lalita’s beauty catch my eye as I sit to write to you.

The subject as always is living in the Flow state (the Zone), and employing psychotechnology to get there. My recurring theme: it’s easiest to get there through an earlier state of awareness, the Observer state.

Educators at their best have toyed with the notion of providing courses in Thinking (click and scroll to Majoring in Thinking),  allowing students to major in it. The second article at this link uses the term “metacognition” to describe thinking about thinking, and being cognizant of one’s own prior thought. This is exactly the Observer state if one is focused only on the thinking dimension, but instead of thinking out of the box, folks ought to consider getting out of the box called thinking. There is also intuition, perception, and emotion to be cognizant of within oneself. The Observer state then is to be aware of all of this stuff that is going on within, without losing observant attention to the apparently-outside world. So in the end it is all about attention.

Brilliant psychological work has been done by Piaget in recognizing the high abstract level of thinking he dubbed the Formal Operational Level. In my new book, You Are The Universe: Imagine That, I suggest that as a race we reached this level for the first time when cave paintings and then written language appeared, which happened only very recently in our embryonic species career. This triggered such acceleration in information input to each of us that we mostly operate below the Piagetian level due to distraction. More recently other brilliant psychologists and researchers have named a new even-higher level of thinking called Systems Thinking; however, one is still locked into the trap of acting as if thinking is the whole of the self. Flow state and even Observer state require that one is in one’s body feeling the emotions, receiving the perceptions, and attuned to the subtle guidance system of the intuition. In fact the intuition is the most valuable platform in terms of Systems Thinking, where the more precise term might be Systems Perception.

Within the sphere of the emotions there is a crucial dimension called motivation. Here the leading psychological minds of the twentieth century include Maslow and Erikson, each of whom offers a specific set of levels the individual passes through on the ladder to the highest states of consciousness. At Maslow’s highest stage, one is motivated by morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts. This is a very good description of the Observer state, and the spontaneity part of it is suggestive of the Flow state.

In fact it is the lack of prejudice and acceptance of facts that best characterizes the Observer state among Maslow’s list of terms. Below the Observer state one is operating through a distortion lens caused by wounds one has received and habitual defensive patterns one has robotically adopted to cope with these wounds.

Wrestling the angel in transcending the wounded ego self, which is the true/higher inner jihad, one learns the traps one’s opponent (the ego) gets one into, and the escapes by which one extricates one’s higher true self. Incoming gets autoclassified by the ego self and this autotriggers certain reactions —look for these reactions and let them float downstream, disidentifying with and annihilating them. This keeps or gets one into the Observer state, the launch pad from which Flow can occur. Emotional reactions to be on guard against are: anger, negative judgment, unease/fear, envy, and irritation/impatience.

These emotional reactions are signs of the nonacceptance of fact, and the existence of prejudice in oneself. One is projecting a subjective expectation rather than observing objectively. This reduces one’s problem-solving ability, bringing one down below the Formal Operational Level.

Woodstock Roundtable host Doug Grunther, himself a psychologist and dream therapist who has interviewed many deep thinkers, commented in a recent radio interview with me that “higher” states of consciousness ought to really be called “deeper” states of consciousness, because these states come from deep down within oneself. I would agree and add that they come from deep down within the One Self too. So in what sense are they “higher”?

The stated purpose of my nonprofit Human Effectiveness Institute is the improvement of decision making. Our objective in understanding psychotechnology and getting more people into Observer and Flow states more often is so that we can run ourselves and the world better, be more competent, more effective, more creative. “Deeper” may be more descriptive and explanatory, but “higher” illustrates the rise from lower dysfunctional levels.

Takeaway: notice and nullify the prejudicial instant reactions of anger, negative judgment, unease/fear, envy, and irritation/impatience. Accept the facts and get on with finding creative and effective solutions. This will bring more pleasure to you and yours, and radiate outward as positive energy to the ends of the universe.

Best to all,


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Inner Head Language

Volume 3, Issue 33

My daughter Nicole and I were at a book fair today, ostensibly selling my book Mind Magic from our table alongside other local authors at their tables. I say “ostensibly” because my real motivation for attending these events is to see if and how people can be helped to reach higher levels of consciousness. Everything is reconnaissance with readiness to engage with any seeker. The average seeker today has seen it all and has the t-shirt.

My great friend Stanford Silverman, who came from 25 miles away to buy yet another copy of Mind Magic, summed the answer up as “99.9% actually get no benefit from books.” He went on to say, “when the supreme reality is not understood, the reading of books/scriptures is useless, and the study of books/scriptures is useless when the supreme reality has been realized.” This is the viewpoint of a person who has found a Living Master and has devoted his service thereto, for its own sake and also to receive the kind of grace that has been observed to effect great positive changes in people.

Nicole later questioned this pessimism about our work and I repeated the stats I had shared with Stan, that out of 35,000 books sold we’ve received over 2000 letters/emails/cards from readers saying the book changed their lives in a way they wanted to thank us for. That’s 5.7% — in a considerably higher ballpark than the 0.1% stat Stan offered. And 5.7% only counts the hand-raisers, not those who got benefit but didn’t let us know. I also told her we are not doing this to see a complete world change as a result (though that outcome would be nice and was my initial vision) but rather we are doing it because it’s the right thing to do, sharing this stuff based on the 2000+ hand-raisers. Whatever effect it will have, it will have.

A man asked what the book was about and Nicole answered “It’s about you,” and I explained that “the way the language speaks to your subconscious, it brings out your own higher Self.” The language in the book is my own “inner head language” — it came unbidden and I didn’t put it into the King’s English — and as a result, coming from my subconscious, it seems to absorb directly into the subconscious layer of the reader.

One reader said it like this: “The communication so transformed and met me as to feel as though it was clearly mind-to-mind.” (Jordan Salison, Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA)

And this, from a review in New Age Journal, “resonates with the higher aspects of our beings and is experienced as truth…”

You can get a flavor of Mind Magic here.

I am always curious to hear what I will say when a person asks me what the book is about because something different always comes out. In a bookstore I don’t want to rattle on any more about the brain, Observer state and Flow state (the Zone), I want to relate to daily life, not its underlying science.

“It’s a mood, an attitude, the book gets you into. You see opportunities to take elements in the situation and move them around in ways you actually can, to be a win for everybody. Including stuff inside yourself, which you can move around to create a win/win inside yourself.”

The most useful answer we found was to suggest, “Open a page at random and see if it speaks to you.” This worked 4 out of 4 times, at which point I fled to write this column, leaving Nicole for a hostage. One woman said it understood her, that it was exactly what she had been thinking about. The others got absorbed and read for quite a while.

In the 70s, when the human potential movement got that name it was rediscovered that intellect alone does not change behavior, emotion and/or the subconscious, something deeper than the rational mind, must be involved. This goes back to even before the Eleusinian Mysteries, before the cave paintings, as old as homo sapiens ourselves, 200,000 years. The shaman was wise by definition, understanding at a gut level that someone not-yet-wise needed certain stimuli and experiences to become wise, and so he/she did the needful. Sometimes it worked. Maybe it nearly always worked a little.

Emotion, imagination, and/or the subconscious are engaged by the “inner head language” in Mind Magic in much the same way that these beyond-rational faculties are brought into play by art, poetry, music, theater. It is this linguistic subtlety as much as the insights that make it possible to move people into the higher states of consciousness with a book — not just Mind Magic but also other books whose neurolinguistic approach engages with the deeper levels of self.

This form of linguistic communication with more than just the rational mind could be more deeply investigated by brain researchers in order to optimize the psychotechnology. This is one of the goals of the Human Effectiveness Institute (THEI).

Best to all, 


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