The epic adventure Agents of Cosmic Intelligence emerges from a unique viewpoint in which science and religion meld into a singular explanation that makes each person a vital part of the greatest real-life adventure ever.

2023 COVR BRONZEAward Winner in Book Series Category

The book series by Bill Harvey, Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, is a sweeping saga that unfolds forward and backward in time to become a story of the Universe, how it might have “started” and where it might be “going”.

Learning the methods used by psychic warriors to detect others tampering in their minds, the story sensitizes readers to be observant of what goes on inside their own minds. By restoring a sense of wonder at what the Universe could really be, the series aims at having a transformative effect on people and their lives.

Episode 1—Available NOW in print and Kindle The GREAT BEING by BILL HARVEY

Episode 1 of Agents of Cosmic Intelligence will be published later in 2023. The Great Being chronicles from the beginning of the Multiverse, through Melchizedek’s teaching of Abraham. There is a Great Rebellion going on in Heaven and therefore throughout the Universe, all of which is a single Mind at play—call it “Cosmic Intelligence” or call it “God”—though it wears innumerable names. The Rebels retreat further and further and take their final stand on Earth. Two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, are dispatched to infiltrate the Rebels on Earth. However, the Rebels have interfered with Earth evolution, so that the human brains the Agents step into suppress their knowledge of who they really are. They lose track of their mission, getting sidetracked into following the conditioning they receive on Earth.

Episode 2—Available now

The First Son
Episode 2 of the series, THE FIRST SON follows our Agents from Abraham through Jesus, by way of Krishna and Buddha. Writing has been invented, and this changes everything. The interaction between the overly-powerful brain and the written word serves the Rebel cause of turning the people of Earth into a great fighting machine for the Rebel side. Writing favors the analytical left side of the brain, which has the tendency to become heartless, egotistical and addicted to power. Rebel groups begin to form nation-states to continue the endless wars they have propagated on the planet. All of which is devised to make Earth people the toughest fighters in the Universe, to eventually storm the gates of Heaven and take over the Universe entirely. The First Son and the Agents quietly build up the character of Earth humans by incarnating as great Teachers, beginning and spreading that tradition across the entire planet.
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Episode 11—Available now

THE MESSASGE by Bill Harvey

In Episode 11, which was published in January 2023, Agents we have met throughout the series are now gathered within the U.S. Army’s top secret Theta Force—the main US psychic unit, which is kept secret from the public and is controlled directly by the US president. The Agents have all fallen asleep to their true identities as a result of living inside the dominating brains caused by the Rebel genetic intrusion in 200,000 BC. In fact, their psychic powers are unreliable for the same reason. Nevertheless, these powers work half the time and therefore must be used and better trained, which is Theta’s Mission. The US president assigns Theta the mission of spying on a super-rich and brilliant naturalized citizen who has been openly critical of the president. We learn that this citizen is under the control of Rebels. During a Theta training, the Agents suddenly become uplifted to the highest state of consciousness they ever remember experiencing, as a result of a transmission apparently from outer space—The Message—which is heard by every psychic on Earth, though each one hears something slightly different.Read more, get a free sample, get your copy today.

PANDEMONIUM: Live to All Devices
Episodes 12 and 13—Available now

PANDEMONIUM: Live to All Devices is Episodes 12 and 13 in the Agents series. PANDEMONIUM is set in the near future when the world is at the tipping point into WWIII, as a powerful psychic creates a showdown of the major powers in the South China Sea. It is up to the U.S. Army’s off-the-books psychic operation, Theta Force, to quickly wind down the conflict before it goes thermonuclear.

The US president selects one of his personal agents, Colonel Edward Richard Templegard, to spy on Theta Force. Colonel Martin Williams, Theta’s best, has gone AWOL and the president is now suspicious of Theta. Templegard’s mission is to bring back Williams. The president needs Williams. Templegard manages to evade discovery as he is slowly accepted into Theta. The world is rocked when a terrorist takes over all the media to deliver his ultimatum to the world: follow his new religion or die. The president discovers that the same terrorist, called Perse by his men, has taken over the religious government in Iran and is negotiating for something with the Russians. Nastassia Slayevsky, a conscript whose parents are being held to ensure her cooperation, is the most powerful psychic on the Russian team. For some reason, Templegard has been dreaming of her all his life.
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