Reviews of MIND MAGIC

East West Journal

“This book is a practical tool for people who want to look at how their heads and lives are working and then establish a more effective order in that process.” More



new age journal

“The most striking thing to me about Mind Magic is its incredible clarity… a brilliant condensation of wisdom and resonates with the higher aspects of our beings and is experienced as truth.” More


Women for Women Weekly

“Mind Magic may be a most useful book for you. Bill Harvey… has created a masterpiece of non-polluting words and word pictures which guides the reader through a real process of Self-discovery.” More


Pentalpha Journal

I discovered Mind Magic, read it through, re-read it, and plan to continue re-reading it indefinitely. Written in a clear no-extra verbage manner, it is the best tool I’ve come across. Read Full Review
2020 Update from reviewer: I had to smile when I saw my own testimonial on your page from back in the days… I stand by everything I said 40 years ago… I’m one of your ancient fans… and have given away countless copies of Mind Magic over the years, finding used copies in bookstores when it was out of print… your book was instrumental in my own journey, and it has influenced my life and my teaching. When I first read it, at a difficult time in my 20s, it felt like I was being reminded of what I already knew but had not been able to articulate clearly. It affirmed a sense of deep truth, and gave me the strength to move forward from that center. – Selene Kumin Vega, Faculty, College of Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences, Saybrook University


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