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The Unified Level of Flow State

Volume 4, Issue 11

On this, one of the first springtime days, finally, I was able to clamber through the woods to the stream and meditate in Nature. Back at the house, a horde of tiny yellow birds flood the side deck feasting on the thistle seeds we put out for them.

We’ve been exploring the higher states of consciousness in recent posts and in this post we reach the highest level I have experienced — though probably not the highest state that exists in the Universe for Someone. In this state there is no separation between the current individual and the ageless Conscious Experiencer or Ultimate Self of the Universe. One is aware of that true identity directly, not simply as a concept.

In this level of Flow state it is impossible to be attached, that is, fixated on something needed for self-completion. One is already irrevocably self-complete. When it becomes ingrained as the omnipresent state, where there is no turning back, this is that ultra- rarest of states known classically as Enlightenment, Liberation, Moksha, and endless other names. It is not a myth.

I have experienced this level of Flow only at rare moments and briefly each time. A couple of those experiences are recounted in You Are The Universe: Imagine That.

After having experienced this state, I was firmly convinced that my intuition was correct, everything jibed, and it felt right. Nevertheless, I continue to fall back to lower states, as Acceleritis™-driven distractions engage the robot part of my mind into habitual attachment programs.

Even though once I was at the peak of the mountain, where I saw there was no sense at all in getting that sucked into the drama of the current incarnation, the pull of the gravity of repetition-ingrained reactions in the brain, with their powerful chemical effectors, drug the intellectually-aware mind into acting as if it does not know it is already complete, whole. The intense feeling and intuition of Oneness with the Creator fades while only an intellectual awareness of it remains. Over time, one spends more time in the upper levels, driven by awareness of the process, and by spending one’s days doing or transitioning to one’s passion work.

In this uppermost level of the Flow state, one has all of the benefits of the earlier stages on the stepladder of higher consciousness: objective perceptiveness in the Observer state, then the Flow state levels of self-perfect action, then self-perfect affect (bliss), then self-perfect cognition, then self-perfect precognition, and then fully merged back into what One Really Is.

While in that awakened state, the current life on Earth is seen as something like a dream from which one has awakened. Not exactly a dream because all of it counts for something and is of enormous cosmic significance, but now one is looking at it from a wholly different perspective, as a piece of art within an infinite tapestry — one is the spider spinning that multidimensional rainbow web.

In the prior Flow level of precognition, one experiences telepathy, precognition, and remote sensing. In this potentially-ultimate-for-humans state, add telekinesis. One actually wills events and they occur with unlikely predictivity.

This probably sounds like the Force in “Star Wars”, much like it did to George Lucas when he created the movie, out of his personal experiences no doubt.

Each of us has more power to create future reality than we realize. Even in the lower states of consciousness this is true, though often to our detriment.

Being part of the One Self, the One Consciousness, the One Energy Biocomputer that is the only thing that exists, why would we not have such powers?

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