2024 COVR Bronze Winner for Visionary Nonfiction Books

A Theory of Everything including Consciousness and "God" by Bill HarveyIt is long past time to discuss the ultimate questions such as “why are we here?”…We need the answers in order to have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and do whatever it takes to overcome the challenges facing civilization today.

Scientists can do much to help humanity simply by acknowledging that there is no scientific basis for ruling out the possibility that the universe is intelligent. This simple and eminently justifiable (if not overdue) act of open-mindedness can permeate world culture, causing personal reconsideration of everything by everyone. Because it is a more positive view than materialistic accidentalism, an increase in hope and courage is a logical outcome.

In his third work of non-fiction, Emmy® Award-winning author Bill Harvey draws extensively on well-sourced quotes by Albert Einstein and John Wheeler, as well as on his own unorthodox imagination, in making his case.

“I wrote this book mainly for physicists but also for everyone. I’d like physicists to accept the scientific possibility of something very much like “God”, and to prioritize the subject.”

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Emmy® Award winner and media research industry leader, Bill Harvey has foretold the future of media for over 35 years. Read more about Bill.

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