Episode 2 of Agents of Cosmic Intelligence
A novel based on real events

The First SonFive warrior priests, known as Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, have been sent to a far distant outpost, Earth, where the Rebel leader is training a race of humans to become ruthless fighters to aid in the takeover of the Multiverse. It is the beginning of a new age, one in which darkness could reach its apex, an era known to local seers as the Kali Yuga. The mission of these Agents is to push back the darkness and free the indigenous human race from the Rebel forces that have taken nearly complete control of the planet.

The five Agents had been incarnating on the planet for nearly 200,000  years. They and other Agents had fought heroically against impossible odds, as they were greatly outnumbered by the Rebels. But now, coming to their rescue is The First Son, the second most powerful entity in the Multiverse. Before he incarnated as Jesus, The First Son came to Earth as Krishna and then as Buddha. He is the first avatar of The One Self, or “God”.

THE FIRST SON presents the great turning points in human history over a climactic 3100-year period, 3067BC through 27AD. The story unfolds through the eyes of our five Agents of Cosmic Intelligence—formidable Templegard and his deeply intense Nastassia, playful Layla and the scholarly Melchizedek, her former teacher. And their mentor, Maitreya, one of the earliest avatars—a being of great powers and unsuspected secrets.

Crossing back and forth from Palestine and Israel to India, China, and Greece, THE FIRST SON sheds a different light on ancient legends and mysteries. Disconnected fragments of history fall into place, connecting like a jigsaw puzzle, offering an alternate view of history.

Could human history have been shaped by a space war between two great powers? The Persian philosopher and spiritual leader Zoroaster thought so. He called the two warring forces Good and Evil, and characterized each as a god. In Zoroastrianism these two gods (or two sides of God) have their respective armies. What if it’s really true, in a strangely different way than Zoroaster thought? That’s one premise of THE FIRST SON.

I am intuitively certain that while the real truth is far stranger than my story, there are similarities.—Bill Harvey

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