About Bill Harvey

Bill Harvey is a world renowned media researcher who has on more than one occasion changed the course of the media industry. He is credited with many innovations to research and business process over the past 30 years, based on new insights into media audiences and new ways of thinking. He is the recipient of the Advertising Research Foundation’s Great Mind Award. His childhood experience on stage led to a lifetime of study of the flow state, the state of consciousness most conducive to success.

Bill evolved the trigger words contained in his books and videos as his own internal system for bringing himself up to his highest level of creative effectiveness. This process started early in his life when his show business parents had him on stage from age five on.

Bill discovered that he sometimes experienced perfect performances which occurred while he observed himself without making any effort to perform – as if from outside, behind, or above himself. At other times performance required effort and was not perfect and at these times he appeared to be inside himself in the familiar daily state of “normal waking consciousness”. He sought to find out more about the first state which he observed to be “supernormal” in terms of performance effectiveness.

Bill has a daughter, Nicole, who is married to Chris, and they have made Bill Grandpa to Nicholas and Gabrielle. Bill lives with his wife Lalita and three cats in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.

Bill Harvey is a methodologist. He invents methods in the media industry, like the ADI, passive peoplemeters, addressable commercials, set top box measurement linked to purchase data, media optimizers, etc. Now he has invented a mental method. It’s based on a model of the mind from which Bill deduced certain ways of optimizing thinking. I tried it and am using it. It’s pretty good!
– Bob DeSena, measurable marketing expert
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