MIND MAGIC Testimonials

Over the years we have received 1000s of testimonials from people of all ages, from all walks of life, from all over the world who were moved to let us know how MIND MAGIC has worked for them.

“Highly recommended… will loosen your moorings and open you to creative vistas.”
Dr. Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

Mind Magic is a delight. Sets forth with neat precision just how to do it (think).”
Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now

“What sets your book apart from all others in this field… is that it is a rare combination of frontier knowledge, wisdom, and plain old-fashioned warmth… in your debt for the insights it provides.”
Norman Cousins (Wikipedia: “Cousins became an unofficial ambassador in the 1960s, and his facilitating communication between the Holy See, the Kremlin and the White House helped lead to the Soviet-American test ban treaty, for which he was thanked by President John F. Kennedy.”) & founder of Saturday Review

“”We need the Microcosmology book. My copy was immediately taken by a friend. Please send a dozen.
Yoko Ono Lennon, New York City (The original edition purchased by John Lennon from the Radius bookstore was subtitled The Science of Microcosmology)

“It will remain on my bedside reading table.”
Paul Harvey, “the most listened to man in broadcasting”

“An excellent resource for several of our in-house programs dealing with problem-solving and bias and perceptions.”
– Phyllis Mayo, Vice President, New England Merchant’s Bank

“If a Presidential library is built in future years, it can be placed there.”
– Jimmy Carter

“The reader very quickly goes from reading a book into experiencing a vitalizing recreation of consciousness and perception.”
– Khigh Dhiegh, actor in original TV series Hawaii 5-0, Rector of the Taoist Sanctuary in the West

“Extremely useful — I can only go three or four days before I must/am ready to return to it.”
– Jenice S. San Diego, CA

“My heart is full of gratitude. I have waited so long for someone to speak the words that had never been spoken before.”
– Patricia F. Iowa City, IA

“The communication so transformed and met me as to feel as though it was clearly mind-to-mind.”
– Jordan Salison, Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA

“I feel a lot less lonely.”
– Wendy W. Windham, NY

“It will take the psychologists thirty years to come around but there’s no need for us ordinary folk to wait.”
– Samuel R. Wauwatosa, WI

“Gave me a different slant on old problems. Stimulates thinking. Thank You.”
– Clark S. Los Angeles, CA

“It turned on the light to many things I’ve been experiencing but have not been able to conceptualize or understand as clearly as now.”
– Maddy G. New York, NY

“Amazing. Manages to impart such an incredible amount of thought-provoking information.”
– Sara F. East Machias, ME

“We are surprised at the simplicity and deepness of it.”
– Micha M. Houston, TX

“You’re on the right path out of the maze of today’s paralyzed world.”
– Fred K. Beloit, KS

This book is an exquisite example of ‘transformational software’. A practical guide for developing the power of mindfulness. The most striking thing to me about the book is its incredible clarity. It is a brilliant condensation of wisdom that resonates with the higher aspects of our beings and is experienced as truth… And it really works. My suggestion: experience this book and share it.”
– Dr. Rick Ingrasci, reviewing the book in New Age Journal

“This book is a practical tool for people who want to look at how their heads and lives are working and then establish a more effective order in that process.”
– Rich Eivers, reviewing the book in East West Journal

“A masterpiece…which guides the reader through a real process of Self-discovery… Its message is communicated with precise clarity. I have found Mind Magic to be enormously useful in my own life and have strongly encouraged my close friends to study it diligently and use it continuously.”
– Helyn Connerr, reviewing the book in Women for Women Weekly

“…A masterpiece, a classic taking a prominent stance among current literature… Broken down into ultimate simplicity and mellowness, hence ideal as a textbook of Consciousness.”
– Reynold P. Trinidad, West Indies

“I had to smile when I saw my own testimonial on your page from back in the days… I stand by everything I said then, 40 years ago… I’m one of your ancient fans… and have given away countless copies of Mind Magic over the years, finding used copies in bookstores when it was out of print… your book was instrumental in my own journey, and I know it has influenced my life and my teaching. When I first read it, at a difficult time in my 20s, it felt like I was being reminded of what I already knew but had not been able to articulate clearly. It affirmed a sense of deep truth, and gave me the strength to move forward from that center.”
– Selene Kumin Vega, Faculty, College of Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences, Saybrook University

“An extraordinary book. I see it as a guide for daily living. I let it open up by chance when I take it up – the lesson is always amazingly appropriate.”
– Claudia H. Chicago, IL

“This book has become the decade’s major and most EASILY understood scientific achievement…And it seems to work like magic AS you read it. IT works. YOU don’t. Rather than tell you how to transform your life, it gently does it TO you AS you read.”
– John Z. New York, NY

“Thoughts of Socrates, Horace, Freud, Eric Berne, Fritz Perls, Marshall McLuhan, Gregory Bateson flashed through my mind as I passaged through this provocative work by Bill Harvey… Poetic, metaphorical, and lyrical.a gem which can be profitably read by anyone who is still curious about self, others and the human condition.”
– Dr. B. New York, NY

“I have read many books in my life, and always found something lacking in most of them. Mind Magic has nothing lacking except it was too short. I want more.”
– Charles H. Mesa, AZ

“Fantastic! Words to finally describe glimpses of the garden I could before only visit for a short time. This book promises to be as much ‘home’ as Ram Dass’ Be Here Now.
– Dennis O. Salt Lake City, UT

“One of the most exotic brain foods I’ve sampled in quite some time; gets down to the skeleton of the human being — lovely prose; well thought out — an admirable work where both brain hemispheres cooperated fully!”
– Alexis R. Mt. Lakes, NJ

“By far one of the best books I have ever come across. I highly recommend it to all of my friends. I should think no library would be complete without it.”
– Cleveland M. B., NC

“If everyone were to read just this one book, the improvement in social and personal consciousness would be astounding. It’s a marvelous inspiration.”
– Lynn S. Indianapolis, Indiana

“One of the best books I’ve ever read. Very simple, but very helpful!”
– Joyce G. Framingham, MA

“Thank you! Mind Magic has introduced me to a perspective I had not enjoyed before. I now feel more relaxed and happy than I had in years. Now that I feel this basic happiness, many problems that seemed unchangeable have disappeared.”
– Susan W. Wellfleet, MA

“This is one of the most clear and beautiful books I have ever read. It applies to life so well and says many of the things I have been thinking but could not put into words. I love it.”
– Steven K. Providence, RI

“Has increased my power, tolerance, health, and sense of well being.”
– Anne J. Ithaca, NY

“Very valuable, breath to my being. I want this organization to know how magnificent their gift to life is.”
– Elizabeth S. Birmingham, AL

“I use Mind Magic as a daily reminder on how my life can and should be led. Inspirational.”
– Pamela W. Minneapolis, MN

“I have used it over and over, and each time it enables me to see things more clearly, and I always seem to feel more positive for it.”
– Gregory G. Cambridge, MA

“Marvelous… Will be neat for my students.”
– Philip Staniford, professor, Anthropology, San Diego State University

“I received your books today – thank you. It is as if you naively stumbled into Buddhism without knowing it. Your brilliant and lucid instructions are wonderful—without any trapping of history or tradition. Buddhism uses the term ‘boddhicitta’—or what is now the word entering medicine—mindfulness.
I love that you focus on experience (vs. knowledge)—the Dalai Lama is always reminding us that it is in the experience of mindfulness that we truly change ourselves and awaken to our deep humanity.”
– Phillip Romero, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Weill Medical College-Cornell University New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY

“A clear concise compendium of timeless truth. A twentieth century equivalent of Tao Te Ching and the Sermon on the Mount. A daily provocation to reluctantly awakening consciousness.”
– Chris K. Berkeley, CA

“Fantastic! Can be used as a guide for years to come. Much inspiration and growth is involved. Have given it as a gift and the reaction was very favorable.”
– Bobbie L. Los Angeles, CA

“I find it a most enjoyable and beneficial book. It aids in helping to find a center of focus at times you need it most. Much appreciated!”
– Cynthia P. Olema, CA

“A wonderful and insightful compilation of study of the self and others, nearly completely free of cant and self-serving dogmatism. May you and your teachings prosper.”
– Dr. P. La Trobe University, Australia

“A friend lent it to me magically just when I needed it most. The results were indeed magical, mindblowing and beautiful. My gratitude for that practical wisdom of yours is beyond expressing.”
– Robert C. Chelmsford, MA

“I’m moved to write the only testimonial of my career. It’s like experiencing a mirror image of my own brain, the very program my inner computer would write if it could. I can feel what you are trying to do, and I want to tell you that you’ve done it. I’ve had a large burst of energy since working with your ideas, and just making the effort has seemed to activate my latent will in just the right way.”
– Carrol D. Nederland, CO

– Ron S. Feasterville, PA

“Great book! It is unlocking and unblocking some areas I knew were there but I couldn’t get to them and even opened some new areas. I’m going to read it again.”
– W.C., Jonesboro, GA

I am working on using some of the suggestions. It works!…
– Carole W., Racine WI

I feel that new doors of awareness have been opened for me. MIND MAGIC has been a catalyst.
– Peter S Tallahassee, FL

I love your book. I have dyslexia and find it easy to read and understand.
– Joseph L. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

“…Very creative, informative, refreshing, relevant, powerful.”
– Tom M., Stoneham, MA

“Reading your work was a joy. Sharing it a pleasure… Living it a duty to the magical presence that lives in each of us…”
– Leo E., Louisville, KE

“Your book is beautiful… Right from page one I felt the enlightening process begin. I am extremely pleased.”
– M.P., NYC, NY

MIND MAGIC helps me to see the fog as fog and Clarity as Clarity. And helps me to understand what I’m doing to myself when I don’t see the difference.”
– Keith T., Columbus, OH

MIND MAGIC is so basic, yet so profound. Each phrase forces, compels me to look inward and re-examine.”
– Moli S., Ukiah, CA

“Astounding and long-overdue.”
– Kathy K. Wakefield, MA

“Bill Harvey is a methodologist. He invents methods in the media industry, like the ADI, passive peoplemeters, addressable commercials, set top box measurement linked to purchase data, media optimizers, etc. Now he has invented a mental method. It’s based on a model of the mind from which Bill deduced certain ways of optimizing thinking. I tried it and am using it. It’s pretty good!”
– Bob DeSena, measurable marketing expert

“There are so many new ideas about thinking, feeling, perception and intuition in this one book that it really does jog you out of your mental rut. Try it. Afterward you can get your money back but won’t want to.”
– Yana L. Massachusetts


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