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Created November 19, 2021

How did QAnon and yoga get together? What can we learn from this to do a better job of rescuing?

In rare times like these, all of us want to come to the rescue.

If we were in better control of what goes on in our heads, we would act like adults and try to keep voices down and talk out the solutions in an efficient manner.

But we are typically motivated by so many conflicting demands that the “adult” part is supplanted by the impatient black and white judging, oversimplifying ego. Everything is quickly classified into one of two categories, and the response is either loud support or loud attack. The ego is a binary system, a neural net of the coping systems we built growing up (Human Effectiveness Institute theory).

Now in rebecoming our true selves we need to replace that neural net with a new one that is conducive to Observer state and Flow state, where we are each maximally effective and happy. Each weekly dose here is intended to help you get there.

You can think of it as taking off the training wheels to life. The ego got you through this far but it won’t take you the rest of the way.

Famously a worldwide spiritual grassroots movement began to break out into the open around 1969, the Summer Of Love. For a while it was called the human potential movement. One of my merry friends Marie called it “weirdness”, perhaps prophetically. Later it wore the label New Age.

Today it’s become one of the biggest growth categories in the economy, mostly related to physical wellness and fitness, nutritional supplements, environmental sustainability, doing good, reaching higher states of consciousness, marijuana, psychedelic medicine, higher performance, social justice, attitude adjustment, and seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Most people participate in this to lose weight, learn the right foods to eat, get chiropractic adjustments or therapeutic massages, learn to meditate, learn yoga, be counseled by a guru or coach, and because their inner instincts draw them toward this positive magnet. These people affect the rise and fall of specific product categories more and more each year.

So how did some of these wellness rescuers get on the side of QAnon?

It was the hidden assumption of binaryism which comes along with the ego. Everything in one of two buckets, period.

Therefore: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. To many of us intenders to be rescuers, the big pharma companies got locked in the bad box a long time ago and that key is stuck down on the keyboard. So, some spiritually motivated yoga teachers and alternative healers assumed that QAnon which attacked big pharma must be a good thing. And since they also spoke about aliens and saucers and God, “it sure sounds like they are one of us!”

Only for the first second, for most people who take closer looks at things. But most of us don’t take closer looks, because we are locked in the grip of the Emergency Oversimplication System which is our coping mechanism for dealing with information overload, the hidden pandemic I call Acceleritis.

There is a more worrisome connection as well. The God connection. QAnon tend to be fundamentalists but represent all beliefs. The wellness movement is also spiritual, also representing all religious heritages. One of the ideas that has popped up from time to time since antiquity, is the idea that we create our own reality, that our perceptions are biased by our prior beliefs and expectations. Jane Roberts’ Seth books brought this idea back writ large, suggesting that we literally create our own realities, that our hopes and dreams and nightmares are projected from us into the mindstuff around us, shaping it into events which then occur because of what we wanted to happen or not happen, drawn to us by what was later called The Law Of Attraction.

A substantial portion of the American citizenry today accept the possibility of such forces at play, while an equally substantial portion dismiss that as magical thinking. Epistemologically one ought to keep an open mind on that subject. But this was another link that drew some of the wellness rescuers into lockstep with QAnon. QAnon consists of people who believe that they can make it so just by saying it often and loudly enough, they they can create their own reality, because today we are unmoored in utter relativism, a period of “it is true because I said it.

So, to a person involved in the wellness movement, a person in the QAnon movement might seem to be walking the walk of “manifesting their wills” in our consensual reality (mind controlling future events).

When actually what QAnon was doing was more like propaganda and “perception is reality” manipulation.

If some of the QAnon had actually been attempting to use magic or perverted religion to predream the coup outcome they wanted on January 6, those experimenters hopefully now realize that they have been over-estimating their own degree of evolution egotistically, and fell into the trap of believing their own wishful thinking because they wanted to believe it. Their mind techniques were not validated in that experiment.

Maybe the wellness rescuers who aligned with QAnon have learned from their mistake. One takeaway would be to learn not to make oversimplified generalizations like assuming that every single big pharma executive is unethical.

How do we prevent this sort of thing from happening again?

Wellness agents and conservative rescuers (and I don’t mean QAnon) must hold themselves to a higher standard. People may be deifying them and taking their every word as truth. That carries a heavy responsibility to not make firm declarative statements outside of one’s field of study, without intensive study in advance. While everything Seth said may be true, science has proof of many things and such evidence ought to be treated with respect.

The most important thing for the wellness rescuers and the conservative rescuers to do, in order to first do no harm, is to transcend their own egos. This can only be achieved by internal investigations. One must go inside and see what really happens in there. How do I actually function? Which of my thoughts and feelings and impulses appears to be coming from ego? Which of my inner experiences appear to be coming from a higher place?

The environment is very threatening and robs us of confidence, we are frustrated hence angry and repressing fear, redirecting the fear venomously outward as cutting remarks against the people one is blaming for all these bad inner feelings. When actually one can only blame oneself for those bad inner feelings, because by rising above the ego you can transmute those bad inner feelings into positive, constructive action that arouses no resistance from anyone.

Those are the innovative solutions we need now. That’s your assignment, all you rescuers of every stripe. Filter out ego and negativity and then do what your spirit moves you to do.

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country.

May you experience much Flow state ahead.

Love, Bill

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