Drops of Kindness When the Chips are Down

November 12, 2021

Don’t be afraid to step out of character.

If you play your character the same way every day, you’ll bore everyone, especially yourself.

And that ultra-consistent predictable behavior will keep you out of Flow state.

Flow comes when your pure authenticity is coming out all by itself.

Not when you’re adhering to automatic pilot script.

You may recall that in my psychological theory, the Ego is a construction of a self-protector as a neural net in the brain. A net that was not there at birth.

That construction is what manifests in your mind as Ego. It is a natural AI, a robot. It’s all the programs you wrote growing up, especially at the worst moments in your early life.

These programs tend to be binary, flying to one extreme or the opposite.

Taken together they are a disastrous guidebook to life.

Yet they rule most of us most of the time.

In the Observer and Flow states we rise out of this hysterical self-hypnosis.

We are a warrior race.

And it’s got nothing to do with fitness. Our old and infirm can be just as tough as the rest of us when the chips are down.

And the chips are definitely down.

That’s why our Egos have all run to the angry side of the boat.

Human beings have felt weak and helpless since the beginning of the race. Surrounded by animals much tougher than ourselves.

We sure showed them didn’t we?!

The Ego strives to reassure itself that it is tough enough.

We became a warrior race first by training against edible carnivores, and then driven by the Ego tendency to take as much advantage as possible of others.

This behavior does not lead us to happiness, nor to Flow, and certainly not to self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge comes when we fully realize the wrongness of our actions and pull ourselves out of the Ego back into our Observer, the true self, the me that was born. Pure consciousness without conditioned flinches.

Don’t be afraid to step out of character and let kindness come out of you. People need it now. They are keeping a stiff upper lip because, after all, we are a race of warriors.

Each person you meet now is angry covering scared.

It’s a fruitless uncontrollable reaction until a person becomes self-disciplined about staying above the Ego.

They need your help. Sometimes you can hear them subtly asking for it as they express some wish or sadness. They are subconsciously leaving an opening for something that will encourage them and make them feel that life is still good. You can be creative so long as you stay authentic. Answer them in a way that helps everyone, so they can pass it along in the same spirit to others.

All life is connected. Science has not yet discovered all of the forms of energy that exist in the universe.

Pebbles in the pond radiate and influence the entire pond more than you may realize the power of your own words. Power to heal that is in your heart and hands and eyes, even when your mouth is silent. You just feel an impulse to goodness and do nothing to block it. It will happen of itself and you will feel better for it as will they.

Because humans fear powerlessness they join things. They thus belong to some larger movement in which they believe, and which is stronger than they themselves. Like the United States of America. That gives them a feeling of collective strength, people on their side who will protect them.

If we can bring back that good feeling here in the States, we will actually be justified in feeling a lot stronger!

We also join parties for the same reason. In the two-party system, the binary nature inherent in the system tends to inflame the always-binary Ego.

“Haves and Have Nots” is the form civilization takes when it is driven by the binary Ego.

Individual human beings are a spectrum with infinite diversity in thinking, feeling, creativity, beliefs, worldviews, values, passions. Thank God for that.

When that diversity has to be crammed into a binary model, precious details are lost. The data lose their granularity and all of life seems to depend on simple slogans.

We will know we are decidedly NOT in Flow or even Observer state the next time we say (even to ourselves) ANYTHING that fits the binary model of either party.

If we value Flow more than anger, it would be the thing to do to catch oneself each time about to go over that cliff again. Be patient for the first few months, keep up cutting it short, and you’ll become free. Your mind will truly be freed. You will hear yourself think big thoughts, good advice. You’ll feel your heart open up and let the love in and out. You’ll have will power to cut down on whatever is slowing you down.

The more of us let out the good within us more palpably every moment, the more that will spread faster than Covid.

I seem to be leaving you with a song nowadays. This one applies to more than just man-woman relationships.

Love, Bill




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