Invisible Emanations from Your Navel

(A useful mental construct?)

 Volume 4, Issue 6

At stages of the Flow state one becomes able to sense in uncanny ways. For thousands of years people from one end of the world to the other — people with remarkable achievements and qualities — have reported actually seeing other subtle energy bodies within our physical bodies.

Their reports are uniform in the observation of seven energy centers and in other particulars. There are to my knowledge no other similar but conflicting systems for the structure of inner energy bodies. If this was all just crazy stuff, surely numerous nuts would have made up widely varying systems to gain attention.

Anyway, put a pin in it. The conversation today is about not actually seeing anything, but getting a feeling about or image of something. You could call it sensing — meaning “detecting something independently* real”; or you could call it imagination making a symbol of something in order to think about it better. 

The point is pragmatic. Opening your mind to experience this naturally-occurring phenomenology as it unfolds within you is not necessarily a waste of time. You might see something going on inside that you were not noticing before.

Play along with me for a second, if you will. Visualize a stream of luminous microparticles emerging like a firehose stream from your navel, then diffusing and forming an egg-shaped luminous cloud around you. Imagine that these are the signals you are sending out to other people and whoever else is listening/watching whatever. These could in the physical world include pheromones, microgestures, signs of nervousness or tight control or emotion or distraction and so on.

In my construct, this signal stream is the unconscious one, and is dominant in driving outcomes in the consensus reality. Heck, Gerald Zaltman and many others have now proven that part.

Meanwhile in our conscious mind we are playing the Game however we are playing it consciously. We are controlling the mask. We are trying to project something. Or we are in a higher state of consciousness — Observer state or Flow state. In these higher states there is communication with the subconscious, increasing across three levels of the Observer state and five levels of the Flow state.

What the people around us are getting about us is coming from the firehose, not from our conscious actions.

The firehose emits content relevant to whatever it is that we Love. In the Acceleritis cloud, Love turns to attachment, caring too much, making us unrealistic and eventually neurotic. In that ordinary state — which probably will not be ordinary in a culture that graduates from Acceleritis — the firehose is communicating our neediness, self-protectiveness, and/or some other unattractive emanation.

The unconscious signals are the “L-Offense in the Room”. To a degree you are broadcasting the chip on shoulder, heart on sleeve, etc. Observer state allows you to see these signals because you are in touch with your subconscious. The first phase of Observer state is a negative state in that you are seeing things you do that you don’t like but can’t seem to control. In the second phase, when you’ve evolved some degree of ability to control robotical behavior, your emotional starting point is neutral, and in the third phase is emotionally/mood positive. At that stage of Observer state you have adaptive toolkits that can take you far, all the way to the Flow state of Action. More about this next stage next week.

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*The word “independently” is meaningless in this context because everything in the Universe is interconnected in depth, and at the core is only One thing.


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