Forgive the Universe for Having Hurt You

Volume 4, Issue 5

The Universe is trying to bring out the best and highest in each of us — motivated selfishly by the fact it IS us.

So for the corrective feedback we get, we will eventually be grateful. We will get to a place where we can see the Big Picture.

If it hadn’t been for that warning tap (which deeply crushed our feelings and the bad feelings never went away) we would have not been prepared for that next situation. The outcome could have been a lot worse.

The prediction about a next situation of the same kind is not just a probability but a certainty. Self-fulfilling prophecy: if you don’t get it, there will have to be a next warning tap. You have to face the long-range lessons of your own heart, since that center starts and drives all the play of your life. And from the highest perspective it is all play.

It all starts with our own choices anyway so we are causing whatever light warning taps we are getting. We should not wait to be grateful for them, because that grateful perspective lens helps you get the messages faster. Ask the right question: how could this possibly turn out to be helpful to me? It helps to ask the right question.

We start the action every time we Love something. Each Love is one driving center of long-term action. The intermingling of the Loves of course adds layers of complexity and individuation to the Game. It’s never played the same way twice in all of infinite eternity.

Carrying around bad feelings impedes Flow state, so why do it? Forgive the Universe right now for having banged you around and tell It you are trying on for size the notion that this is all well intended. Give it half a chance to prove Itself to you. Kiss and make up. (Play nice kids — oops I mean play nice Me, God says with a smile.) Try on that atmosphere for a while and see what it does for you. And please let me know. Thanks!

Best to all,



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