The Flow State of Action

Volume 4, Issue 7

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Below the Observer state, we are like a computer that has one of the keys on its keyboard stuck down. A state of distraction and internal division exists. This is the state that most of the human race finds itself in, in the average second, in 2014.

Our level of consciousness is really all about our attention. The way our attention is yanked around below the Observer state is the opposite of self-mastery. Islam calls the great jihad the work we have to do against the processes that pull us down into this mechanical state. In the Jewish and Christian Bibles the term “hardening of the heart” refers to the lower states.

“Ego” is an interesting word, originally both Greek and Latin for the self-identity, and in modern usage meaning a person’s sense of self-importance. In our Theory of Holosentience the ego is the subsentience formed by neurons created after birth, which arrogate to themselves the status of the real self that existed at birth, maintaining that illusion until the individual attains the Observer state and sees through the masquerade.

In the prior post we described the Observer state and promised to discuss in this post the first level above the Observer state, the first level of the Flow state. The Observer state is when the individual is able to see the robotical self-protective and defensive way that the ego performs, projecting a strength opposite to the unconscious true feelings that are the motivation for accepting the rule of the ego. The Flow state is when the individual transcends the inner division between the self that was born and the ego, and allows both parts to unite as one doing something that delights all parts of oneself. The Flow state also can take over when the individual is challenged to the core and has no time for flimflam and although delight is not involved the person performs impeccably in inner unity.

Again it is all about attention. In Flow state the attention is single-pointed on the activity at hand. We are not distracted by attachment such as fear or worry or avarice or self-aggrandizement, all characteristic of the ego.

The first level of Flow state is the Flow state of action. Action is perfect because it happens with a sense of doing itself. There is no hesitation to consider alternatives. Action is intuitive and natural. For most people this occurs while doing something that has been practiced for a long time.

In an ideal life one discovers what one loves to do and spends a lifetime developing that practice, offering it to oneself and to the Universe as a gift. After a while one is in the Flow state at one’s métier. And this leads to the next level of the Flow state, about which, more in the next post.

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