We’ll Look Back and Realize This Was Our Finest Hour

Created August 27, 2021

We’ve licked terrible odds before and we’ll keep doing it. It’s what we do.

Every situation has a handle, which if you grab it, levers everything positive.

I have total confidence we will find the handle.

You can be sure even better technology will come out of it.

The world’s best equipped realists are doing hundreds of Manhattan Projects right now racing against medical, environmental, economic, thermonuclear, cyberdystopic, moral, spiritual, and emotional world collapse.

There have been many moments in history like this, none quite so well-armed. We stood up and faced it squarely and conquered it. That’s what we’re doing right now.

Soon the bickering will see its ratings drop. That will be the turning point.

The present epochal moment has forced us all inside. That is an excellent place to be. When you go inside, you open up all the possibilities to recreate yourself. The highest form of recreation.

As you’ve no doubt gleaned from my prior post, I’m going to provide bits of our metacognitive psychotechnology – helpful mental/emotional/intuitive hints – in each column from now on. The course will start today with this post.

The reason we are providing free metacognition training to the public at large is because the public needs it. To help all rise to the challenges, by entraining Observer and Flow states. Please benefit from these free stimuli and pass them on. We all have to become more effective in order to survive as a species. We need to think more clearly – that much is obvious by now.

Here is our first “lesson”. All of the experiences in our media including this blog are stimuli to evoke your own “spiritual immune system” known as the intuition. This video is only 64 seconds. After you watch it, we’ll talk about it a bit.

Before you can succeed in life you need to be able to see what it is that you want as the outcome, and you must realize deep down inside that if you do everything you can to bring it about, it can come about.

If you’re harboring doubt that you’re ever going to get there, that is programming yourself to fail.

Of course, one can never be certain how things will come out. All you can do is your best, and enjoy every second along the way, without being so attached to the outcome that you get in your own way.

It helps to previsualize the outcome you want, and to also previsualize a future in which you don’t reach your dream goal, and how you would handle it if that time ever comes. Once you know that you have a fallback way of handling it, you will have disarmed a large part of the limbic system’s emotional distraction power over your conscious mind. You will be able to do creative and constructive things you really want to do regardless of where it all comes out.

Please show YOUR MOVIE above to children whenever you can. Especially when they are feeling low.

Remind them of their gifts – the things they have going for them. Remind them of their proudest moments.

Advise them to show themselves their own courage in the face of adversity. Every time they see themselves being courageous about life’s challenges, they increase their storehouse of real courage. It’s like exercising a muscle.

It takes courage to be yourself, act authentically, without warping that by being overly self-protective. Authenticity counts for a lot.

Kids need to know we believe in their dreams, like we believe in them.

We need the same thing. Stay alert to make sure you are always backing your self, believing in your self.

This has only been the first class of the course, and so we have only covered a very little bit of what everyone needs to know to get into and stay in the more effective states of consciousness, the Observer and Flow states.

We hope you will stay with us week to week and hope you enjoy each week’s short video, a permanent improvement to this blog.

Next week: How to make sure you notice your own hunches – by learning how to detect and read the signals of your un-talking mind.

Best to all,





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