Making Major Strategic Moves Each Day

By Prioritizing Mental State over the To-Do List

Volume 3, Issue 25

Seize the day! Why not make major strategic moves each day? Sometimes what serves as the day’s strategic move is an insight that is invisible externally, yet makes you feel good about the day. Imagine yourself throbbing with impulse to creatively leverage the insight in ways that are still continuing to bubble up in your mind.

Yes, those are well-used days too, not just the ones when you’ve set the world on fire figuratively. You actually do have the power to make every day count, to feel like one of those days. Achieving this is mostly remembering the intention to do so, thereby bringing your attention to the intention. Intention without attention goes nowhere. This is what is happening on a grand scale every day now that we are deep into the Acceleritis cloud.

Often the To-Do List supersedes all higher values present in the accumulated intentions sac 🙂  – that part of figurative mindspace where you keep your intentions like an Amazon Wish List. And perhaps look at them as often.

Each day is kept from being a day of great strategic insight or other accomplishment by the To-Do List gaining air supremacy over the Intentions.

We become slaves of the To-Do List.

Don’t you breathe more deeply now that you’ve merely entertained the notion of freeing the slave? Doesn’t that air feel good? Is a slight headache you take for granted strangely gone?

Pragmatically, the reason for giving highest priority to one’s own mental/emotional state over the To-Do List, is that without Observer state or Flow state, the quality of one’s work is not going to be world class, the day will not have been fully seized.

Optimization of the day includes not losing track of the key moment-to-moment tradeoff decision between the To-Do List and one’s mental/emotional state. The behavioral change you will note from this practice is that you take more frequent breaks and in them get sudden rushes of perfect insights and ideas.

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