Cultivating Your Own Enjoyment

Volume 3, Issue 46

The sky has never been a sharper blue before, it seems, as I stand in the subzero temperature looking at the frozen river. The hopping birds flocking the feeders seem at home in the snow, even sitting in it. Multiply layered and not cold at all I sense my own enjoyment and completeness, at rest-ness. Nothing tugs me away into action. Nothing seems to need doing at the moment for the completion of the Universe’s Mission. The warmth of the heart flows outward encompassing all things, all beings in its love. High warmth within record cold.

The reason it is not selfish for you to cultivate your own enjoyment is that you will give better service that way. Whomever you serve will get the most value from you when you are having a good time, because that is what potentiates the Flow state.

To nurture and develop your own enjoyment so that it stays with you more of the time and eventually always, it will help to schedule daily alone space. The thing about your alone space is that no one can get to you, so you are free to do anything you really want to do.

If there is a very long project you want to turn to, don’t be put off by the fact that you won’t be able to get very far in the 20 minutes or whatever time you have realistically been able to eke out of your day, diking back the ocean of obligations. You may get much further than you thought possible in terms of flashes of a high-level framework. These enjoyable Flow experiences then function as super-powerful rehearsal as you will at some point in the future get into the detailed work, as powerfully as if you spent hours in practice in a normal mundane level of everyday consciousness.

Whatever it is you really want to do, note that. As an observation like “Hmm, I apparently really like to do X.” The cumulative effect of those objective observations of fact about yourself will be valuable even if seemingly Captain Obvious at the outset.

Note if there is absolutely nothing you feel like doing. Is it that there is nothing in your life you consider fun, or is it simply not something you can do alone with yourself in 20 minutes? If you can’t do “it” now, you can daydream about “it” now. Those daydreams can become more than daydreams, they can help program your life with more of “it” because they are rehearsals — these revelries program your very cells, those cute little biocomputers in the massively parallel array of computers constituting the material substrate of our self.

Just finding out what “it” is, is a very valuable use of time. You need to move toward doing what you love the most all of the time, even if you only achieve a fraction of that movement in your lifetime, given Acceleritis and the money system. In utopia we would not have to meet money deadlines hence not have to accept labors unconducive to our enjoyment. We are working toward building that utopia for our heirs, some future generation that finally has free energy and matter in such profusion as to support what Aristotle meant by leisure for every person on the planet.

Meanwhile, back to 2014 Earth. Daydreaming about small moves you can realistically make toward more enjoyment in your life is a good use of time in your alone spaces.

More next week about why we need more enjoyment and how we can get it.

Here’s to more fun for all of us in 2014! Best to all,


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