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The Meaning of Life: A Theory of Everything including Consciousness and “God” Pt. 9

Created January 27, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

Chapter Six


The Universe is its own art form. It is aesthetically beautiful.

Everywhere one looks – except for the apparent cruelty we see in human life and even as we surveil the fight for survival across all the species.

Why would The One Self put itself through such torture, since it is The One Self inside each of those creatures being waterboarded, electrocuted, stretched, or eaten alive?

It’s the price to pay for a game that enables surprise, drama, comedy, and learning. The One Self could prevent all suffering by making error impossible, however this would necessitate eliminating free will from the avatar. Probably The One Self is doing this elsewhere in the Universe, but Earth is an example of an area where free will is the game being played. Perhaps, to The One Self, the avoidance of error is not as valuable as going through error and learning from it. In the latter case, understanding has been gained, and one is potentially capable of not only preventing oneself from making the same type of error again, but also of explaining to others so that they are prepared to avoid the same type of errors.

Chapter Seven

Experimentation for Individuals

From the book You Are The Universe: Imagine That


Try this experiment. Imagine for a second the possibility that the voice you hear in your head — which you think of as you — is sometimes actually not you. Imagine it is at least possible that sometimes this voice is God, living your experience through your body and mind. Perhaps when what you hear in your mind has the ring of truth and the power to change your life for the better, that is higher wisdom being sent to you.

If that seems too hard to accept because of the connotations you have with the word “God”, then call it something else. Call it the One Consciousness that has always existed. Or The One for short.

Just suspend your disbelief for a moment. It is not easy to do, but it is not that hard once you get the hang of it.

If it makes it easier to imagine, think of The One as not so different from a software program existing alone in spacetime, always having existed. An incredible self-aware software program. With so much computing power and memory storage that the entire universe we know of can fit within one tiny corner.

Why would such a software program exist? How could something have always existed? These are mind-boggling questions. But so are the questions: Why would anything exist? How could something that has never existed before come into existence? Either way, the material Big Bang model, or the always-existing software program, both are hard to imagine. The only difference is that we have become used to the material Big Bang model. We have forgotten how to be amazed at it. It has worn out its amazingness for us. But these are just feelings. And we should not base our view of reality merely on what we are used to, so that now it feels right.

We ought to tune our feelings back to a zero baseline in this regard and take a fresh look, start from scratch again. A blank slate. Suspending belief and disbelief.

Just imagine it is at least conceivable that God — an incredible software program — a consciousness — an experiencer — is looking out your eyes.

Love to all,



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Levels of Consciousness

Created October 7, 2022

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

The idea that there might be a stepladder of different states of being goes back into antiquity, far earlier than the earliest written records. We all know that sometimes we’re on and sometimes we’re not.

Plato implied there were at least two states of being when he wrote, “The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile.”

Artwork by Bruce Rolff (

What he meant by being conquered by oneself was allowing oneself to be taken over by incorrect inner biases, including fear, anger, conceit, vanity, ego. Conquering those things is what he meant by conquering yourself.

India during the time preceding the rise of written language – going back thousands of years before Plato – was aware of the stepladder of self, and sang about it in memorized sung poetry passed on from generation to generation. They knew that there was a spiritually elevated state of consciousness in which one became aware of being part of God. They also realized that before that stage was reached there were intermediary levels of consciousness. One of these was nivritti, the state in which one was no longer attached to the desires for sensory experiences.

Later in the development of this natural philosophy (science), Gautama Buddha developed the idea of nonattachment in language that anticipated modern psychology. The Greek Stoic philosophers including the greatest of them all Epictetus (must-read The Enchiridion) further honed these ideas into operational language that average human beings could understand, and can follow the practices that bring about this state of detachment. The Greeks saw a condensed stepladder which included hubris, the state of entrapment in ego which is the norm today vs. apatheia, the state of detachment (nivritti).

Also in India there evolved techniques for controlling the senses and which were therefore helpful in attaining detachment. Two paths are reported by Daniel Goleman in his classic The Meditative Mind: The Varieties of Meditative Experience. In this valuable work Dan shows a definite stepladder construct called the Visuddhimagga (tracing back to Buddhism), with one path involving concentration and the other path utilizing insights, both ultimately reaching the state of highest spiritual oneness with the Universe and The One Self causing it.

In India there is another map called the Chakra system, which postulates a seven-stage process anticipatory of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, in which the individual conquering himself/herself over the course of a lifetime (or a series of them), passes through the motivational stages of Security, Pleasure, Power, Love, Creativity, Self-Knowledge, and Self-Transcendence.

Levels of consciousness and the stages of evolution in a person’s own life are definitely related. The way they are related is that the stages in life construct is the longterm view and the levels of consciousness concept is the shortterm view. For example, in every stage of my life I experienced second-to-second changes in my level of consciousness, gradually as I moved up the chakra stages spending more and more of my time in the higher states (Observer and Flow states). You might say that the stages of life are a typology and the levels of consciousness are a phenomenology.

In Judaism, those attaining the Observer state (the lowest state in which the mind is enabled to conquer the ego by metacognition and self-metaprogramming) are called menschen (singular=mensch). In the I Ching, the “superior man” has approximately the same meaning. These are foreshortened stepladders into two possible conditions similar to the Greek hubris/apatheia, whereas other conceptions of the journey involve many more states, such as Visuddhimagga and my own map cited below, as well as an interesting stepladder created by a synthesis of the Rig Veda and Piaget’s developmental stages.

These ancient (and modern day) observations about what the mind can do are very relevant to our world today. Our own Western psychology, in a fight to gain the respect of the “harder” (easier to prove) sciences such as physics and chemistry, has straightjacketed and blindered itself into a heavy emphasis on behaviorism, because of its visibility from outside the subject. This to some extent mirrors Plato’s concerns about how our senses can be fooled, implying to modern minds the need for an external observer to observe the observer. However Plato had his own solution which was to employ the mind without the senses, which was more in line with the Eastern traditions cited above.

As a science, today’s Western psychology has skipped over the value of inner observation out of a distrust for the reporter of inner experiences. This is truly throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Our behavioristic psychology has been strongly involved with neurosis and psychosis, which definitely deserve attention, but insufficiently sparse with regard to the positive possibilities of the mind. Future psychology must repair this faster than present forces end the race too soon.

It might also be seen as a circularity of reasoning. Because individual scientists have ego, whatever they write about what happened within them internally will be distorted by their desire for self-aggrandizement, therefore  causing Western psychologists to think: let us measure third-party-observable behavior and place a stiff taboo on introspective reporting being considered acceptable within science. The reason this is circular is that without the knowledge of the techniques by which to reach higher states of consciousness we cannot get the ego out of the way; but because ego is ubiquitous in modern world culture and rules it, we are unable to learn those techniques that would remove the ego from its hypnotic Orwellian power over us, leading us to our doom.

That’s why I write about these ancient subjects, because they are a necessary part of our immediate future, if we are to have a future. The future psychology must make introspective data admissible within guardrails to be established and verified by third-party observations of behavior. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi gave us that validation system: it is the obviousness of the Flow state, a term which he coined. Some of what attracts human attention through the media is the Flow state that athletes demonstrate, as do great musicians, and performers of many types that we can see on our devices. We are appropriately awestruck watching what a human being can accomplish if they follow the requisite techniques to conquer themselves, as Plato put it.

In my book You Are The Universe, Chapter 21 is devoted to Levels of Consciousness, and offers a construct involving five levels of Flow state, starting with the Flow state of the body, and ultimately attaining the Supreme Flow state of the spirit. The levels shown in that chapter represent my own experience as organized around the map created by Oscar Ichazo and adopted by John Lilly, which was informed by the speculative stepladders of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.

One of the techniques on the stairway to heaven, up Jacob’s Ladder, that is common to all religions is meditation, but it is not alone, it’s joined by contemplation and concentration. All three of these techniques require the conquering of the senses directly, one of the paths up the Visuddhimagga. The other path involving insights is represented in modern thought, for example, by my manual Mind Magic which is a compendium of mental/emotional self-interventions resulting in the conquest of oneself (specifically the ego part).

Levels of consciousness are important because in the race between education and destruction (H.G. Wells), if we as a species do not bring the subject of levels of consciousness to the forefront of the world media conversation, and into our lives as a daily regimen, we are at great risk of not being able to avert racial suicide which is visibly in its early stages even to an optimist like me. It is the failure of our science and education system worldwide (including the religions) that while maintaining the pomp and ceremony and numinous traces of the teachings of Christ and Buddha et al, we have eaten the seed and thrown away the fruit.

Getting billions of people to recognize that there is an internal stepladder to be climbed and helping them as they try to make their way up the stairway is a herculean task. I see no way around it. We definitely need to start with world leaders and would-be world leaders. May divine intervention make it so.

Love to all,


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We’ve Been Given More Powers Than We’ve Been Able to Control

Created August 19, 2022

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

The people who channeled the Bible and similar spiritual masterpieces had amazing precognition. The story of Adam and Eve for example shows how something in the human race makes us overeager for knowledge that gives us more power. How did they know that was going to happen? It wasn’t all that obvious when the catapult was the highest technology. It is all too obvious today that prophecy came true. We’re wiping out species on a wholesale basis and it certainly appears as if we want ours to be the next one to go.

In the Bible it is positioned as something that happened in the past. But it appears to have been a channeling of a situation whose reach was going to last thousands of years.

If we accept statistical evidence science has already proven that ESP exists, and that some people have more of it than others. Types of ESP tested, all of which are shown statistically to be real, are telepathy, clairvoyance (remote sensing), precognition (foreseeing), and retrocognition (being able to sense things that happened in the past). All of these are forms of obtaining information without the five physical senses. Received knowledge.

ESP being a real thing, distributed like everything else unevenly across the human population, could be something we all experience but refuse to categorize as ESP. Hunches, for example.

Ironically, ESP was usually lumped with magic as a bad thing by the religions, whose founders used ESP to have their spiritual revelations.

Within each religion there are secret (esoteric) sects that use ESP within their broader spiritual practice. Kabbalah within Judaism is one example. The word Kabbalah itself comes from the Hebrew word for received knowledge. In the Tree Of Life, the Kabbalistic map of the spiritual universe, there are ten spheres, plus one invisible sphere, which is where the ten visible spheres combine as one. The invisible one (called Da’at) in my own interpretation is where ESP transmission occurs, where knowledge is received without the use of the senses.

Although Kabbalah is associated with religion and magic, those are misperceptions. Kabbalah is a pragmatic science based on introspection and devout recognition of One Supreme Self that lives in relationship with us. Da’at is a construct useful in mapping one’s own states of mind as they change from moment to moment.

As elucidated in Chapter 20 of You Are The Universe, an individual is able to move his or her consciousness into what Kaballah calls the Da’at state after satisfying preconditions: balancing love vs. work, mercy vs. severity, and wisdom vs. understanding in his or her life (BH interpretation of Kaballah). You Are The Universe is an explanation in detail of my Theory of the Conscious Universe, cognizant of and embracing science as a first principle. In the book, I also hypothesize that Da’at, as conceived by ancient Kabbalists, is the state where Flow state happens. (In last week’s column I likened Flow state to ESP based on the otherworldliness and numinosity of how it feels to experience either of those states.)

What I’m saying is that people thousands of years ago knew ESP existed. They experienced it. Perhaps we were as small a percentage of the population then as we are now.

This does not mean I go around reading everybody’s mind all the time. These windows of Flow state occur when certain conditions are met, and last until those conditions change. The tools in Mind Magic are designed to maximize those conditions (Observer state, which is a full shift into metacognition). These are the same preconditions as prescribed by Kaballah, expressed very differently. Kabbalah uses a high level view of one’s life stages to express its teachings. Mind Magic uses operational second by second tactics.

Kabbalah does not go as far as to say that we are avatars of that One Supreme Self, however that idea goes back to the earliest writings in India and is finally fully articulated in 11th Century Kashmir Shaivism. Following the same road of introspection, reasoning, and received knowledge, I came to the same conclusions between age 12 and 27, and wrote the first draft of The Theory of the Conscious Universe when I was 30. Much later, I was told about Kashmir Shaivism by my wife Lalita on our second meeting, March 25, 2001.

The feeling of having an open mind to the idea that The One Self is us is a spiritually enhancing feeling. Even if you have doubt, if you don’t rule this out, it changes your life. Your decisions. Your actions. The way you feel each moment. How you relate to others, given that it might be you in there in them. I highly recommend you having these good feelings and letting them make you more buoyant. And make you more open to receiving knowledge. And to receiving and giving love.

Interesting synchronicities will happen. I take these as God winks. My term “noia” means the opposite of paranoia: the feeling that someone is out to do you some good. You will feel lots of noia if you open your mind to the possibility that the entire universe is One Consciousness, playing a game. It’s at least as plausible a scientific explanation for reality as Materialistic Accidentalism or any specific religious creation story. And yet when you wear it as a lens it makes life fuller and happier. Why not try it on?

Love to all,



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Keep an Open Mind about your Powers of Mind

Created June 10, 2022

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

If you’ve been skeptical about psychic powers all your life, that is a very hard thing to change on a dime. You may have read my writings for years and come to have trusted me for advice on media and measurement matters, and possibly been willing in reading some of my recent blogposts to open your mind to the possibility that Flow state, intuition, inspiration, tapping into your subconscious, telepathy, and precognition are real. Even still, that open mindedness may not yet have led you to internally discover and start to more fully use these powers of mind. Years of excluding those things from your second-to-second life creates a powerful momentum to continue to function the only way you know how.

Here in this post are a couple of ways you can take a more active role in opening the doors of perception.

You must have noticed that sometimes you are contemplating saying something and someone else says it for you. Your life partner probably reads your mind and vice versa. Some of this is simply knowing what you would normally say in such a situation, but sometimes it involves things that you haven’t talked about with each other at all.

Turn it around. Sometimes you think you know what someone else is thinking but there’s nothing to be gained by saying anything like that, so you wait, and oftentimes the person speaks aloud what you thought they were thinking.

We’ve all had these experiences, daily probably, and don’t count it up or make anything of it. But a lot of this could be your own dormant and internally discredited telepathic capability. Is empathy, which we all acknowledge exists, really that different from telepathy? In both cases we have senses that detect predispositions in others, which remarkably often turn out to be accurate, and yet we write it off as simple good guessing about someone we know pretty well. 

Use it or lose it. If we continuously through life act as if these powers are unscientific and do not exist, that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy for us. Isn’t that what’s happened to us as a species? Denial of all possibilities that are not simple extensions of our current everyday lives in what is generally regarded as a material world, period, ignoring the implications of consciousness which is not material. Some scientists would like to boil down consciousness to specific physical brain functions, reducing the notion of what a human being is into no more than biology-based robots. But science has never proven that notion is true.

One of the most eminent physicists in history and a colleague of Einstein and Bohr, John Wheeler, culminated his long career predicting wormholes before they were observed and many other accomplishments including helping to harness atomic energy, published his Participatory Anthropic Principle which states that consciousness plays a significant role in shaping all events, which implies a form of telekinesis that goes much further out than telepathy and intuition (accurate hunches).

It’s my hunch that telepathy will be scientifically proven in this century. Charles Tart has already meta-analyzed thousands of individual experimental case studies to establish that proof statistically, but the ultimate proof we are still waiting for would be more compelling, using experimental design, neuroscience, and a more complete explanation of the phenomenon. 

So how can you take a more active role in testing out your own unused powers?

For one thing, you can use the words “Are you thinking…” to check out your suspicion about what you feel another person is thinking. You can do this as often as you like because it’s a verbal construction that is common and doesn’t make the other person even think about telepathy. It seems that you are simply playing back what you think you heard them say or imply or that you sense a direction to which the other person’s words are leading. Harmless. And yet it will possibly begin to show you that you actually have some power to make extremely good guesses about what another person is thinking.

You’ll have to filter this by a tendency for wishful thinking – in other words, you might want them to be thinking X and that bias would interfere with the clarity of actual telepathy.

For another thing, you can keep a log of your hunches and then go back and score them by what percentage of them came true.

My books Mind Magic and You Are The Universe are packed with advice at this granular operational level for increasing your powers of mind – not just extrasensory perception but also reasoning, decision making, emotion management, self-discipline, concentration, imagination, and so on. Thousands of people have written me to say how much Mind Magic has helped them.

Needless to say, for me this is my lifelong passion, to help spread powers of mind to more and more people, so that we as a species start to make better collective and individual decisions, before it gets to be too late.

Years ago, I became convinced that writing nonfiction books and blogs and videos can only do so much. Our mental/emotional conditioning is extremely strong. People can read and agree with my nonfiction and it enables them to use some strategies that help them that they weren’t using before. 

But nonfiction creates a certain atmosphere which is limited largely to the rational parts of the mind. I came to my present hypothesis that fiction will be able to have much larger positive effects faster, because in reading fiction the reader changes selves, temporarily becomes the protagonist, and is living vicariously through the protagonist, in a form of simulated life. This engages emotions, motivations, the subconscious, all of the self and mind and consciousness of the reader.

I decided to create a series of novels/scripts called Agents Of Cosmic Intelligence. In this series I would depict the lives of five people with psychic abilities, and would track these people across incarnations. This large canvas would enable me to show what it’s like on a day-to-day basis to make use of the mind’s powers, that can convey the experiential feel of living that way, embedded in a romantic adventure epic story across all of history and into the future.

Will it work? You can judge for yourself. If you like Kindle, here’s a link where you can get for free the first ~50 pages of the Agents novel PANDEMONIUM: Live To All Devices. If you prefer a real book, next week I’ll include a link where you can get that. 

PAN” as we call it is set about thirty years in the future where artificial reality and robotics are far ahead of where they are today. If you remember back to last century and read my media newsletter back then, you know that my prognostications were pretty accurate in predicting today’s media. PAN will show you some of my unique and non-obvious predictions of future new media.

I call the genre Transformative Sci-Fi. 

Here’s what some early reviewers say about PAN:

“Fueled by brilliantly insightful scientific speculation…the meticulously described science fiction backdrop is an undeniable strength. This thick narrative full of big ideas is recommended for deep readers who enjoy their literary fare on the mind-bending and thought-provoking side.” —BlueInk Review

“[Pandemonium] works on so many levels… The writing is so fluid, reading it was really more like seeing it. And so suspenseful…I can’t wait for the next one!” —Jim Spaeth, Sequent Partners (gave it five stars in Amazon)

“A fun, fast paced, literary burrito…something for everyone. With sci-fi and espionage, wrapped in a little theology, with a sprinkle of romance… It will have you thinking of otherworldly possibilities while taking you through a moment to moment, fast-paced espionage episode. Happy reading. I highly recommend.” 

—Lenai B. Begue (gave it five stars in Amazon)

Hope you enjoy! 

Love to all,



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