Can We Up the Level of Discourse?

Created April 16, 2021

My obvious point in the fictional last three posts 1 2 3 is that a lot could be accomplished by the world’s top leaders at least speaking nicely to one another.

Yet despite my treasured audience, I guess so far, my thoughts have not entered the right offices in Washington DC. The angry threats rattle back and forth globally, and seem out of sync with the fantastic job our government has been doing in all other areas.

This raises the question of whether my scenario is realistic, that is, what chance does it have to be carried out authentically on the world stage? Or must we conclude that we no longer have the stuff FDR and Eisenhower and Kissinger and many others used to have?

It’s been done before. Every world triumph started that way, people lowering the noise level and getting down to trading and collaborating, plain old negotiation.

Nowadays, with all the talk about rapid adoption of new ways of thinking, what better place to use these “new” sane strategies of making win/win happen.

Same thing down here among us.

Wind down confrontation to trade and collaboration to achieve win/win.

A goal worthy of unification of efforts.

I’m envisioning that is where the machinations of history are eventually going to wind up after we’ve tried everything else first – assuming we survive thermonuclear biological chemical mindbend war that is the gravity otherwise pulling us.

Why go through all that?

Why not save ourselves the time and scars?

We can do it now, it’s simple, let’s talk about it if you agree with me or not, just talking without threats etc. is all I’m proposing.

In our common interest, much appreciate if you’d kindly pass this on. Thanks!

President Biden has proposed a summit with President Putin and it is expected to happen but not in the next few weeks. That still gives us time to plant the seeds for an innovative rather than predictable approach. If you like that idea, please help me disseminate these memes. Thanks again!

All my best,


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