You Are Much More Exciting Than Any Character in a Movie

Volume 3, Issue 42

This is only true if my theory is correct, that all that exists is one consciousness, a computerlike yet living entity, capable of self-metaprogramming, that is living through you right now.

If my theory is correct, this is who you really are.

Looked at that way, the reason you are more exciting than any character in a movie is because reality is actually happening. Movies are fiction. As exciting as fiction can get, the real thing is even more exciting.

In the current spatiotemporal location (Earth 2014), the One is having a trip based on the premise of rapid acceleration of its own mini-personalities’ consciousness. It was a geologically slow process for millions of years — brewing these creatures up the evolutionary chain, living each one from the inside and feeling its passions and fears as its own, in immersed self-identification and sequestering the memory of its real identity, for dramatic effect.

Now merely 6000 or so years ago, the One jumped hard on the input accelerator and caused a quickening. Written language was its trigger. The wave that started there is now an information tsunami producing a pandemic shock reaction I call Acceleritis. Too many question-producing stimuli to be processed per second, sustained almost continuously. In this highly-distracted condition, we find it hard to have feelings like how exciting our life is. Nothing seems real, and “ideas like Bill’s” make us feel better so they must be wrong.

It is real. Life is real. Reality is real. It is a very exciting reality. It has been painted by circumstance with dread in place of excitement for too many people. Some mysterious evil being did not do this, we did it ourselves, the One did it through us. It is intended as an exciting challenge, worthy of the One and His/Her avatars — us. The challenge is to stay focused through complexity. We can do it, and there is psychotechnology to help us adapt.

Incidentally, even if my theory is not true, it is a useful fiction, a construct to improve self-management and increase creative effectiveness. Even if it is wishful thinking, it has more positive effect on revenue and love generation than the cynical reductionist defeatist state. That’s just giving up, apathy. The Greek apatheia is better than apathy. Apathea is the Observer state, which provides access to the Flow state

If you accept that premise or even the theory itself as possible, what do you do about it? Step one is to remember THE main dream of your life. What you really want to do the most.

Assuming this is the Mission the One had in mind before stepping into your role and temporarily becoming amnesiac toward prior memories, how are you doing with it? Have you stayed focused on it? If not, what would be the way back onto that radio beam?

How about your night dreams? Are they all, as a collection taken together, trying to tell you something about your Mission?

For example, THE dream in my life is to see really positive change take place in the world and to be part of making it happen. My night dreams taken as a collection are often about being caught up in irrelevancies, having lost the way, not remembering the hotel room number this key opens, looking for the front desk, frustration, and otherwise not engaged in making big creative changes happen. In short, total apparent disconnection from THE dream.

If somebody told me to follow my dreams and I were to take that to mean my night dreams, I’d drive myself into oblivion. The advice ought to be to follow THE dream, the waking dream, of what you could be.

As a character in a movie, playing the game of life, the LIFE MOVIE, look back over the moments in your life when you were at your best. The characters in movies that we are supposed to identify with and immerse in are made attractive to us by portraying them doing some noble act early in the movie. Recall your noble acts.

There have to be huge challenges in a movie, even a comedy. Challenge is the mainspring of plot. Look back at the main moments of supreme challenge in your life. See the ones where you caved. See the ones where you rose to the challenge.

Define where you are in the plot trajectory. What part of the challenge slope still lies ahead? How will the challenge slope itself change were you to change direction more in the direction of THE dream?

On a pad of paper held landscape position, assume you are now at the left side of the page. On the far right side of the page articulate and write down THE dream. What you always wanted to be when you grew up. Or what you realized you wanted to be in the process of growing up.

The middle of the page is 2014. What should happen in the movie in 2014 in order to get from where you are now to THE dream?

The subconscious typically takes about 3 days to cook stuff like this. Be prepared to take notes if one day soon in the shower you suddenly want to take notes on what is coming up in your mind in response to these questions.

You are the scriptwriter as well as the protagonist.

You will enjoy the movie the most if you do it just to do it, and don’t get attached to the outcome. In other words, be happy in the trajectory, even if it doesn’t take you to the pinnacle you aimed at. Let it come out wherever it comes out. Do it for the fun of it.

That’s why the One is doing it 

Best to all,


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