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Not Problems, Think of Them as Challenges

Volume 3, Issue 28

The way the Game works is that the One Self living through each of us assigns optimal challenges to evolve each mini-self based on the Mission chosen to be embodied in that mini-self. At least that’s how I see the Game.

The One Self I am sure has heard this old joke before, even though I thought I made it up: He (She) calls the Game Cosmopoly. Other mini-selves who have played Monopoly must have also thought of it, and everything to the One Self is something that has been seen before.

This is why the Game involves mini-selves who have to relearn everything, in the first place. The One Self quickly realizes that a delicious drama factor is added to existence as soon as He (She) immerses in a new role, purposely forgetting true identity. Not so very different than watching a movie or TV show and losing oneself in the protagonist, just a lot more intense.

Leading the protagonist in Life back to his (her) true identity is how the Game works. The universe is always giving clues to the protagonist and handing out assignments — challenges — optimized to get the mini-self back into true identity. This is The Guru Principle.

My term “noia” is defined as the suspicion that someone’s out to do something good for you. Noiacally, one is sensitive to decoding messages contained in events occurring around us. Knowing how the Game works. Not getting ensnarled into the dreaded feeling of problems when, really, they are creative opportunities. Thinking of them as challenges and always remembering the Game is either a useful fiction, or the absolute truth. One way or the other, noia is a performance enhancer.

Thinking of it this way, there is nothing unscientific about God. What we have learned about information processing from building and using computers leads directly to the rationality of imagining a consciousness that is not dependent upon a physical body. We know that in computer science there is a principle called partitioning, which allows certain computational spaces to be separated from one another. Nothing in my theory requires anything that computers cannot do. So if there happened to exist a consciousness like us but immeasurably greater, why could it not be living through each of us, and if it were, why not give it an affectionate and respectful name like God? We would treat our father/mother affectionately and respectfully, and the One Self is closer to home than even our father/mother is — the One Self is the same self you consider to be yourself. You’re lookin’ in the mirror baby. All the time.

That’s my theory. Try it and see if you don’t experience increased performance. And if you do, ask why.

Best to all,


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