Setting Up a New Command Center in Your Mind

Created July 8, 2022

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If you are horrified by what is going on in the world today and wish you had the power to make it better, here’s how to get that power and to start using it for the good.

Nothing can be achieved until you are master of your “self”.

A battlefield shortcut methodology to achieve self-mastery is summarized in this post.

Imagine that you are installing a new spot in your mind to which you can return at will. A place you can go to whenever you really need effectiveness, and to get away from all bugaboos you use to torture yourself.

Furnishing the New Command Post

First, understand what this place is. It’s a new/old perspective point where you rise above all that has come before and start anew every time you arrive there. You’ve visited that terrain before, perhaps, at times when you just threw up your hands and gave up on everything. You may have felt it oddly freeing rather than a continuation of despair in a new guise. It is definitely identifiable by the freedom you feel to modify, override, replace, erase even the things for which you’ve been desperately striving for a long time. You can think of it as the Reset Button. The wellsprings of unbounded creativity live in this place.

Another attribute of the Command Post is that you feel a fondness for your own most noble impulses. And an impatience with your own whining tendencies. Keep that feeling alive to you every moment.

You may also feel that everything you thought you knew is really half-knowledge, that you’ve been going along with everyone else because resistance would have been futile, but from here in the Command Post you are able to dispassionately observe things as if experiencing them for the first time.

Now that you’ve acclimated to the subconscious/feeling aspects of the new Control Center, here are the recommended conscious furnishings:

  • Apply your new perspective to see the humor in the things that have been your personal albatrosses. And through that same lens to continuously see the humor in all things, even if at some times expressing that to others may be insensitive, and make a point of remembering that last point, i.e., it’s sometimes better to keep that perception of humor to yourself. At other times the other people around you will benefit from that perspective. You’ll need to see which way your noblest self feels at that moment and act accordingly.
  • Remove all barriers to feeling the love that you feel for the things and entities that you love. Start with yourself. Get in touch with the love you feel for yourself. See what you feel is loveable about yourself. Now migrate carefully from there to plumbing the depths of your spirit to what it is you are here on Earth to accomplish. Once you have a feeling for your life’s purpose, write it down in the form of a vow, an intention, what you intend to do, despite the challenges in the way. However, recognize that the actual outcomes will not be 100% under your control so that you cannot equate the intention with any guarantee of success. All you guarantee is that you are going to give it your very best shot every moment. However, it comes out will be up to the total system, the Universe. Here in the Command Post you shall never give in to feeling attached to how it will all come out.
  • What logically flows from the prior furniture you’ve just installed, is the supportive, empowering intention to not waste your own computing power on nonsense. Respect the power and value of your own being, your own mind for example, and don’t simply tolerate the situations in which you find your mind in the default network of simply hopping from thought to thought, feeling to feeling, aimlessly and without hookup to your reason for being, your self-assigned mission.
  • Install a mirror. Make sure to look in that inner mirror while hanging out in the Command Module.
  • Install a periscope. Use it to take a long view of what is going on in the rest of the world which appears to exist outside you. Understand the difference between the frame of mind you are now in (in the Command Center) and the frame of mind of all the hysterical people racing around out there. Make a vow, a strong intention, to catch yourself when you slip back into that default network conditioned by the culture into which you were born, and to remind yourself that you’re better than that, and move back into your Command Center.
  • Form a talisman and put it on. It will be your philosopher’s stone, the tool you use know whether to flow with your natural first inclination, or to wait and check things out before allowing your motor control to obey your first natural impulse from within. This talisman of discrimination will enable you to easily move into the Flow state much more often, and also prevent you from making disastrous mistakes. The way it works is you carefully and continuously use the mirror to detect negativity in what you are about to say or do. Negativity is a sign of non-Flow-state impulses. Letting through impulses directed by love is the sign of oncoming Flow state.Now that you’ve set up your Command Center, spend as much time there as possible, while doing what you have to do based on prior agreements, and/or while carrying out your mission.

How This Relates to Dealing with the Horrors of the Present

From your new Command Post you will be in the best possible condition to help others deal with the fears and angers endemic to the current world situation in which all of the malingering ancient errors have been magnified by the latest technology, and compounded together into an enormous traffic snarl affecting all the minds on the planet. Around you people will begin to feel better and will become more able to make effective decisions to exercise damage control over their own lives and the lives of the people they love. This will ripple outwards.

The people who are most carried away by their self-inflicted wounds will find themselves losing the support of those who have cleared away most of the debris in their minds. This may initially make them even more dangerous but ultimately they will have to take stock of what is happening and make some new decisions. We are social animals. We are all codependent. We have tremendous influence over each other. This has been part of the problem but if we play our cards right, from our personal Command Centers, we can make it part of the solution.




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