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Created June 10, 2022

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

If you’ve been skeptical about psychic powers all your life, that is a very hard thing to change on a dime. You may have read my writings for years and come to have trusted me for advice on media and measurement matters, and possibly been willing in reading some of my recent blogposts to open your mind to the possibility that Flow state, intuition, inspiration, tapping into your subconscious, telepathy, and precognition are real. Even still, that open mindedness may not yet have led you to internally discover and start to more fully use these powers of mind. Years of excluding those things from your second-to-second life creates a powerful momentum to continue to function the only way you know how.

Here in this post are a couple of ways you can take a more active role in opening the doors of perception.

You must have noticed that sometimes you are contemplating saying something and someone else says it for you. Your life partner probably reads your mind and vice versa. Some of this is simply knowing what you would normally say in such a situation, but sometimes it involves things that you haven’t talked about with each other at all.

Turn it around. Sometimes you think you know what someone else is thinking but there’s nothing to be gained by saying anything like that, so you wait, and oftentimes the person speaks aloud what you thought they were thinking.

We’ve all had these experiences, daily probably, and don’t count it up or make anything of it. But a lot of this could be your own dormant and internally discredited telepathic capability. Is empathy, which we all acknowledge exists, really that different from telepathy? In both cases we have senses that detect predispositions in others, which remarkably often turn out to be accurate, and yet we write it off as simple good guessing about someone we know pretty well. 

Use it or lose it. If we continuously through life act as if these powers are unscientific and do not exist, that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy for us. Isn’t that what’s happened to us as a species? Denial of all possibilities that are not simple extensions of our current everyday lives in what is generally regarded as a material world, period, ignoring the implications of consciousness which is not material. Some scientists would like to boil down consciousness to specific physical brain functions, reducing the notion of what a human being is into no more than biology-based robots. But science has never proven that notion is true.

One of the most eminent physicists in history and a colleague of Einstein and Bohr, John Wheeler, culminated his long career predicting wormholes before they were observed and many other accomplishments including helping to harness atomic energy, published his Participatory Anthropic Principle which states that consciousness plays a significant role in shaping all events, which implies a form of telekinesis that goes much further out than telepathy and intuition (accurate hunches).

It’s my hunch that telepathy will be scientifically proven in this century. Charles Tart has already meta-analyzed thousands of individual experimental case studies to establish that proof statistically, but the ultimate proof we are still waiting for would be more compelling, using experimental design, neuroscience, and a more complete explanation of the phenomenon. 

So how can you take a more active role in testing out your own unused powers?

For one thing, you can use the words “Are you thinking…” to check out your suspicion about what you feel another person is thinking. You can do this as often as you like because it’s a verbal construction that is common and doesn’t make the other person even think about telepathy. It seems that you are simply playing back what you think you heard them say or imply or that you sense a direction to which the other person’s words are leading. Harmless. And yet it will possibly begin to show you that you actually have some power to make extremely good guesses about what another person is thinking.

You’ll have to filter this by a tendency for wishful thinking – in other words, you might want them to be thinking X and that bias would interfere with the clarity of actual telepathy.

For another thing, you can keep a log of your hunches and then go back and score them by what percentage of them came true.

My books Mind Magic and You Are The Universe are packed with advice at this granular operational level for increasing your powers of mind – not just extrasensory perception but also reasoning, decision making, emotion management, self-discipline, concentration, imagination, and so on. Thousands of people have written me to say how much Mind Magic has helped them.

Needless to say, for me this is my lifelong passion, to help spread powers of mind to more and more people, so that we as a species start to make better collective and individual decisions, before it gets to be too late.

Years ago, I became convinced that writing nonfiction books and blogs and videos can only do so much. Our mental/emotional conditioning is extremely strong. People can read and agree with my nonfiction and it enables them to use some strategies that help them that they weren’t using before. 

But nonfiction creates a certain atmosphere which is limited largely to the rational parts of the mind. I came to my present hypothesis that fiction will be able to have much larger positive effects faster, because in reading fiction the reader changes selves, temporarily becomes the protagonist, and is living vicariously through the protagonist, in a form of simulated life. This engages emotions, motivations, the subconscious, all of the self and mind and consciousness of the reader.

I decided to create a series of novels/scripts called Agents Of Cosmic Intelligence. In this series I would depict the lives of five people with psychic abilities, and would track these people across incarnations. This large canvas would enable me to show what it’s like on a day-to-day basis to make use of the mind’s powers, that can convey the experiential feel of living that way, embedded in a romantic adventure epic story across all of history and into the future.

Will it work? You can judge for yourself. If you like Kindle, here’s a link where you can get for free the first ~50 pages of the Agents novel PANDEMONIUM: Live To All Devices. If you prefer a real book, next week I’ll include a link where you can get that. 

PAN” as we call it is set about thirty years in the future where artificial reality and robotics are far ahead of where they are today. If you remember back to last century and read my media newsletter back then, you know that my prognostications were pretty accurate in predicting today’s media. PAN will show you some of my unique and non-obvious predictions of future new media.

I call the genre Transformative Sci-Fi. 

Here’s what some early reviewers say about PAN:

“Fueled by brilliantly insightful scientific speculation…the meticulously described science fiction backdrop is an undeniable strength. This thick narrative full of big ideas is recommended for deep readers who enjoy their literary fare on the mind-bending and thought-provoking side.” —BlueInk Review

“[Pandemonium] works on so many levels… The writing is so fluid, reading it was really more like seeing it. And so suspenseful…I can’t wait for the next one!” —Jim Spaeth, Sequent Partners (gave it five stars in Amazon)

“A fun, fast paced, literary burrito…something for everyone. With sci-fi and espionage, wrapped in a little theology, with a sprinkle of romance… It will have you thinking of otherworldly possibilities while taking you through a moment to moment, fast-paced espionage episode. Happy reading. I highly recommend.” 

—Lenai B. Begue (gave it five stars in Amazon)

Hope you enjoy! 

Love to all,



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