How Resolutions Gain Traction

Volume 2, Issue 38

Be aware of your power to change yourself.

It is common for individuals to focus on their past performance as being predictive of how they will act in the future, regardless of their contrary resolutions.

This is because there is no feeling of change inside when a resolution is made; thus one feels instinctively that the resolution has not changed anything, and thus will not change anything.

Since one has no confidence in one’s resolutions, they then have no effect; then one says to oneself: “I told you so!” and continues to behave as in the past with less hope than ever of willing and effecting change.

Resolutions, therefore, must not be made lightly, for their non-effect will weaken the effectiveness of future resolutions.

Only resolve to do that which you are determined to do, after considering all aspects of an issue; then let nothing stop you unless and until your mind is changed by new inputs and resolutions.

Be aware that you will not feel anything inside when you make a resolution to change; therefore do not expect to feel anything inside, and do not take the absence of such a feeling to be evidence that you are not any different.

You are different: you have the invisible determination to act differently; and you have total invisible power to carry out this determination.

Be aware that the determination and the power may be invisible, yet real.

You can help prove this to yourself by acting immediately on your resolutions, even if the situation only allows this to be done in small ways: this will prove that you are now different and will make your invisible will visible.

— Mind Magic, Sixth Edition ©2012, pages 74-75

Wishing all a resolute, well-considered, decisive, and therefore effective and happy 2013.


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