A Whole Different and at Least Equally Valid Way of Looking at Things

Volume 3, Issue 48

The peachy-purple-gold sunset reflects with pink iridescence on the wet sand where the sea recedes from its last sally onto the beach. Soundlessly a squadron of hunting pelicans glides past my writing hand. These two-day escapes to Malibu reinvigorate my excitement at life.

Simply clearing the decks of one’s mind and its latest obsessions, leaving only the Observer and the richness to be observed, one can attain peace anywhere.

When I was very young, somehow I became inspired by the notion that a slight shift in the way I look at things could have enormous effect. Now decades later in my self training, the number of times I have applied this principle must be in the millions of repetitions, firmly installing it in my neurons, making it second nature for me to shift my point of view.

Finding that mental switch inside, feeling that subtly felt shift in feelings that occurs, may be not so easy the first time one tries it. The thinking part of the mind and the feeling part both represent potential obstacles of different kinds.

The feelings do not want nor seek solutions. Specialized in expressing themselves, the feelings therefore wish to simply find more and better, increasingly dramatic, ways of expressing whatever they are feeling at the moment, kind of an inertial momentum (i.e. an object in motion tends to remain in motion kind of thing).

Reasoning with the feelings, using thinking to ameliorate unwanted feelings, is not inherently a strong strategy. Telling oneself that one would prefer to feel joy, that happiness is a choice, so go ahead and make that choice, be indomitable — this sometimes worked for me, because I liked the idea of being indomitable and of not allowing anything to have power over me or my mood. At other times some part of me was clearly relishing wallowing in sulking, rage, guilt, anxiety, or whatever, as if an unsuspected part of me was coming from a separate reality and visiting here on a trip specifically for the experience of such an operatic range in dramatic emotion.

The strategy that works best for me is neither straight thinking nor straight feeling, but more intuitive. It is through the intuition that we can make a creative and altogether unsuspected slight shift in the way we look at things, which will both refill us with the happy anticipation of making improvement, and enlighten us with light cast in from a new angle revealing amazing insights.

This intuition has its first positive impact on hope and its second positive impact on curiosity. I find myself looking around in my mind for the perspective that will cause the felt shift. I have started from the assumption my thinking mind accepts: there will always be an angle on the situation that will bring relief. So far that prediction has always come true.

Wishing you all a strong new mind muscle, giving you the ability to seek and grasp the hidden gearshift to indomitable happiness dominating all and any input.

Best to all,


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