A Possible Explanation for Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Volume 4, Issue 15

I’m sitting in the outdoor roof bar of New York’s Catch restaurant down in the meat packing district. The incessant heavy metal beat of the Muzak is almost drowned out by the traffic sounds below and the murmurs of voices from the adjacent inside bar. A cool breeze beats the heat and humidity of the day, promising another thunderstorm. Here I sit writing and editing my next two posts.

Readers who like my more emotional, feeling-oriented posts are asked indulgence for posts like this in which I offer my scientific theories. Originally a math and physics major before turning to philosophy, I have always loved science. I read the works of leading physicists to keep up on the latest proven findings in the physical world in order to see if there are any hints to the unseen world, which I intuitively feel certain is there supporting the visible universe. After all, why should a universe this wondrous be limited to what one species on one planet happens to be able to see?

Invisible matter and energy have been detected based on their gravity fields, which affect the movements of nearby bodies that we can see. That’s how we know something is there.

These dark (actually transparent) entities make up 95% of the mass of the known universe. Scientific theory currently has not yet integrated these findings. It is this staggering recent finding that allowed science to answer the longstanding question of whether the universe would collapse or keep expanding forever. The perceivable universe will keep on expanding because it is being drawn out by the gravity of the dark masses.

Again, science has not yet got a theory or explanation for the dark masses. Here we will offer one based on my Theory of the Conscious Universe, as contained in You Are The Universe: Imagine That.

All that exists is a single spaceless point of self-awareness.

All that we see is a projection of that one biocomputer in a multidimensional hologram — kind of like an interactive video show with feelovision, smellavision, and tastovision. The substance being projected is information. The Observers receiving the projected information are an instance of the self-aware point. The one point is also projecting Itself outward into this hologram so as to experience it from many viewpoints.

All known observers are within the see-able universe, which make up 5% of its mass. Dark Matter makes up 25% and Dark Energy 70%. What are these dark entities?

Dark Energy is a good candidate for being the Operating System or software of the universe. The algorithms and instructions that take our intentions and integrate them into the flow of the overall universe as our actions in the interactive CosmopolyTM game.

Dark Matter is a good candidate for being Data Storage or firmware of the universe. The conversion tables, past and future results, potentially usable as a time machine, what Indian tradition calls the akashic records, the subconscious of the universe, that which is not on display in the Projection but still exists eternally.

Thanks to Frank Wilczek for his beautiful leading-edge science book The Lightness of Being: Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces, which is an awesome read and inspires me to see possible connections between leading-edge scientific thinking and my Theory of the Conscious Universe.

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