Why am I just publishing my first novel?

Some friends say, “Bill I love your non-fiction writing, why are you switching to fiction?”

It’s really because I’m trying to get my main ideas to more people, including people whose reading is mostly fiction. Also, novels get turned into TV and film which reaches even more people than books.

I’m also trying to get across one very difficult idea in particular, which people can understand in the abstract but not get any kind of image of in their minds. That’s the idea that One Consciousness is living through each one of us, through each object in the multiverse, even the rocks. I feel that this idea comes through at a level of intuition and feeling in this novel, in a way that non-fiction can’t achieve.

I’ve been a science fiction fan all my life, so naturally it’s written as science fiction, although it’s really speculative fiction, i.e. I am betting that it’s close to the truth.

If you’re curious, here’s a picture of the front cover, and if you click on it, it will open up the back cover. Next week: What I am hoping the effects of this novel turn out to be.

The First Son by Bill Harvey

Click the book to read about my new novel, The First Son.

The printed books and the Kindle edition are both being released later this month, I’ll let you know when they are available, in case you’d like to read a free sample of the opening chapters.

Thanks for the encouragement over the years, it’s definitely motivated me to keep going, and I’m personally thrilled to be reaching this goal. Color me blissful. Hope you are too, because of how your own life is unfolding!

All my best,


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