The Meaning of Life: A Theory of Everything including Consciousness and “God” Pt. 10

Created February 3, 2023

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Chapter Seven Cont. 

He/She/It is having your experience. You are sensing this as you having that experience. How could you tell the difference?

The one sure way you could tell the difference is if you find that you continue to experience experiencing after you die. If this happens, then the experiencer has obviously not died. You could then say, okay, it’s still just me, I am just reincarnating or something. True, but it could also be the other way: there might not be any separate “me”, it might be God looking out through your experiencing-window, having your experience, making your decisions, talking to Himself/Herself in your experience-bubble.

All we are proposing is that you imagine this is at least possible.

In fact there is as yet no scientific evidence to say which way it is or isn’t. The notion that our “separate consciousness” may be not separate but God talking to Himself/Herself within us, is no stranger than the it-all-happened-by-accident Big Bang something-came-out-of-nothing explanation.

If you can delicately balance your mind so that you can buy into neither notion but just admit to yourself that either one (or something else) could be the true explanation of reality — then you will have reset your mind to zero base on this subject.

When this happens, there will come a point when you suddenly say to yourself, Wow, it really could be true — anything could be happening here — I really have no idea — none of us do — and yet we all keep running on doing our thing as if it is a matter-based universe with nothing special going on in the background. Maybe that’s the smart thing to do, and maybe it isn’t. We are certainly not hedging our bets in any way. By basing everything on matter we might be missing some of the best stuff life has to offer.

What to do about it?

The sensible thing is to keep all options open and to explore all options more fully. Experiment carefully in all directions that pass the test of being positive, without any negative side effects potentially hurting anyone’s feelings or worse.

Enjoy the journey.

Love to all,



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