The Game of Life

Volume 3, Issue 40

In my Cosmopoly, a game form of my cosmology, we seek to mirror the intuited Self having all these lives, including the life through us as an individual. To the Self it is just a game and since we are the Self why don’t we just wake up to our true role or, if that is too unbelievable right now, play it that way anyway?

What do you have to lose?

Like everyone else, you’ve already made it tough enough on yourself. Couldn’t you use a little relief?

Why not even as purest fantasy, impossible to conceive. Nevertheless let’s just play along with Bill in this funny crazy game… at least unless it becomes too risky or not fun.

There really isn’t any risk because whenever you see any non-fun coming, you drop out of warp. Just try warp with me for a little while, provisionally. Trekkies welcome.

Imagine it is at least scientifically possible (even if you can’t picture it or it sounds too good to be true) that there is one Self, kind of like an optimized Mind — at essence a form of biocomputer. It’s all that ever existed, It will always exist, and It will always be the only thing that exists.

And what you think of as your identity, your sense of being yourself, is actually an active bit of the One Mind that is assigned to your coordinates. It’s living through you.

The Game is to see how long It takes to wake up in each specific role and “challenge-environment”. To wake up and realize who It really is. And what It can really do, even in this attenuated-self version.

Knowledge is power. The power to do good — if this Knowledge we’re talking about is our own inner knowledge of our own true identity. Even if you’re only accepting this as a trying-on of something you might decide to buy, like a new dress or suit. A working hypothesis to be confirmed or disconfirmed — which way shall the evidence point? That’s part of the game. The part we are at now, on Earth.

The process of waking up during our lives, whether or not we are guided by this working hypothesis, always involves a thousand adjustments we must make to ourselves consciously and effortfully as we go along.

Some individual adjustments take lifetimes.

Take a review of where you are at the moment:

  1. For whatever reasons, is there anything happening with your body that you could be paying more attention to and resolving?
  2. Same question about your mind.
  3. What about personal appearance?
  4. What about people in your life, now or in the past, with whom you still have bad feelings?
  5. Are you doing the work you really want to and should be doing?
  6. Are you having moments of fear? Anger? Envy? Melancholy? Greed? Cruelty? 

If you have cleared away most of these adjustments, you are likely to be in and out of the Flow state and usually sustaining the Observer state. And pretty happy most of the time, behaving as the mensch you are, encouraging, mentoring, taking care of other people, loving as many and as much as you can.

Perhaps you agree with some of what I say but consider it arrogant to equate oneself with the Deity, with whom one must always take a surrendering posture. In fact we agree on the surrendering posture, yet the only story I can calculate in optimizing agreement with all observables, is that there could only logically have ever been one point of light, the self-referential Observer Itself. This premise is explored in depth in my upcoming book You Are The Universe: Imagine That!

We surrender in many ways. The most meaningful is the surrendering of existential sloth, eagerly accepting the many challenges to make the adjustments needed to actually make all the connections back to the great Spiritual Mind of the Universe. Honoring the Whole of which we are an aspect is obviously the only sane response to the situation. Playing the (W)Holy Game each day, making the adjustments pointed out to us. Reading situations this way rather than cluttering them up with stuff that is only logical until you realize the process of the game underneath the little games you’re playing on the surface of each day. 

My best to you all, as you,


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