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There was a Big Bang.

On Earth, one primate species 14 billion years later took over the planet from all other species.

Nature had provided this chosen species with opposable thumbs, extra brain frontal cortex, relative hairlessness, bipedalism, and took away their tails, encouraging them to stop swinging through the trees, encouraging them to take over the ground.

The species took over by inventing tools. This included axes, arrows, flint, fire, the wheel, planting, domestication, more advanced weapons, oral language, written language, art, architecture, media, and a few other things.

And proceeded to kill off other species at an alarming rate.

Meanwhile, those dominant primates also eyed each other as ripe for elimination or takeover. And proceeded to take over as many as they could until eventually, their bloated empires collapsed, to be replaced by other empires.

They mostly did this by organizing along military lines. The supreme leader of a culture was usually called a King, and typically started out as the toughest soldier of them all or the son of the former King.

Through all this, the domination cultures all tended to brainwash their subjects. This was only partially on purpose, mostly it was automatic. Those below tended, in one way or another, to fawn upon those higher up, and to believe or at least conform to whatever they said.

Thinking for oneself was generally never a popular entertainment. But it popped up over and over again, and there were always individuals who stepped outside of the main game, and made observations that often got them in trouble.

A time-lapse photography map of empires over centuries shows balloons blowing up and deflating, one after the other, endlessly.

Initially, these expansions of one culture of dominants over other cultures of dominants were over land, and then as shipbuilding became part of the toolkit, over oceans as well.

Although symbolic counters for lending and borrowing – money – had been a fairly early invention, during the great expansionism over oceans, rarefied ideas about money were put into practice, such as stock markets and bond markets. These provided ambitious dominants to rise to positions of greater power in ways they didn’t have before, and opened up the game and also opened up many minds to think outside the classical domination game.

This led to the idea of democracy, a social compact among equals, creating systems of self-governing, thus replacing Kings.

Kings obviously did not want that to happen and continued to do things to retain their special place at the top of the heap. One of the things they did in some cases was to stop calling themselves Kings, and make up other titles, even copying titles used in democracies, merely changing the labels but not the spirit of the domination relationship.

From the very beginning there was a strong intuition that they were not alone, but rather, presided over by an unseen great being of unlimited power and intelligence who had somehow created them. This became formalized within structures fitting into the master game of that species, centered around domination. Those structures were named religions.

Most of the time religions and everything else were used within the domination schemes.

Abraham, Angiras, Lao Tsu, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Muhammed, Baha’u’llah, and hosts of other prophets communicated with the Universe itself and brought invaluable insights to the dominant species.

The dominant species fitted these inputs into its schemes.

Nevertheless, many of the domination species felt the truth in the information brought back from divine contacts with the unseen superpower, and practiced kindness as a first principle, in sharp contrast with the behavior of the race in general.

Not only that, but their spirituality also gave them a sense of peace, acceptance, and at times, joy. This inspired great art, music, architecture, and deep thinking. And you might suspect where deep thinking would naturally lead…

Along came Science.

Science saw what was perverted about religion and decided to fight it. They themselves felt the sanctity of nature and were disgusted by knowledge being shaped for domination. They did not seem to notice all the good being done by the truly spiritual individuals within religions.

They mounted strong arguments against the existence of anything resembling God, although they felt the divinity of nature, but did not have approved language to express it.

Matter seemed to them to be the obvious fundamental substrate of the universe.

Denying the existence of a conscious overseer and creator, they explained the existence of the universe as an accident.

At first, disbelief in a conscious creator spread mostly among scientists and people impressed by science.

Then there was Einstein. He felt no compunctions. He expressed his intuitions caring not what the reactions might be. He openly stated that his religion was his immense respect for the intelligence existing in nature itself. He denied the logical explanatory power of accidentalism.

Nevertheless, the masses of dominants, who were themselves dominated by the most extreme dominants of the race, and had been kept under control partly by the religions, started to break away from the religions.

Instead, they chose charismatic dominants of various kinds to whom to ascribe degrees of divinity. This played into the hands of the Kings who had always claimed to be divine themselves, and would-be Kings who did not want to wind down the domination game, but simply to win it.

The masses of the species who had gone along in docile fashion generally did not see themselves as slaves, except when they were explicitly labeled that way and bought and sold as property, or rented out as in the sex slave trade.

This all came to a head about 100 years ago, when a contemporary of Einstein named Hitler made a play to take over the world, armed with some of the best weapons of the time. Democracies and a mixed bag of other cultures joined forces to prevent this world domination attempt. The USA was first to build a working atomic bomb and used it to end the world war and establish its leadership of the world. This was seen by everyone else as just another form of domination, rather than as a whole new game. And some American leaders have always been infected by the undertone of domination running through the entire species culture from the beginning.

This was followed by a long era of optimism that the world was heading in the direction of happiness and plenty for all. That optimism generally held up despite endless violence and suffering in many places in the world, still playing the old game. The old-game countries continue to seek to take over the democracies in one way or another.

Four years ago the pandemic changed everything. It gave many people free time to think about life. The media which used to be regulated by the Federal Communications Commission in the USA but which had gone completely out of control by digital disruption now included social media, meaning that anyone could say anything they wanted and those statements could be escalated to reach vast audiences by players of the old game. We swung into a period of pessimism which is the exact opposite of where most heads and hearts were at for about 75 years. We are still in that dark cloud. It’s hard to see in here. Most of us are not used to this degree of pessimism.

How we break this ancient cycle is to wake up to its underlying existence. As my friend Harvey Kraft says,

“The past was about domination. The future is about liberation.”

We need to free ourselves from patterns of our own mental and emotional behavior that we don’t realize exist. Patterns that have been pounded into us from birth go back thousands of years and are so built into everything around us that we can’t notice them.

Each of us is a unique nature package that has never existed before and will never exist again (even if reincarnation is real, each life is different). That is the gift of life given to us by the Universe. Why do we need to dominate others, isn’t that gift enough in itself to make for a meaningful and fun life?

What good would it do to have more money and power than everyone else, but to realize that you don’t have love in your life, and that you are not thrilled with the creations you channel?

In order to finally evolve out of the primitive war game and into a world of collaboration, learning, creativity, kindness, love, and open-mindedness, we need to retrain our minds, including our feelings and imagination not just our intellect and knowledge. HI – Human Intelligence – is what we need more than anything else.

What is such training like? How can you get some of it yourself right now?

Click here for a free booklet that is a sample of the kind of training needed.

Love to all,

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