How Do I Escape the Fear that I Am Growing Old?

Volume 3, Issue 19

By realizing deep down, in a profound moment of inner silence and receptivity so it goes to the ground of your being, that we don’t know diddlysquat about what comes after this life.< /br>

I know that one has not normally spent the moment it takes to realize that the consciousness itself — you — are a jumble of information-processing programs, a biocomputer — implemented in a subtle energy field that human Earth consciousness collectively has yet to discover (gee, science hasn't discovered everything yet?! being the hidden assumption/block). So it is not impossible that consciousness can exist outside of a material body. If consciousness is an energy computer — a computer made out of energy — then why not.

Of course it is reductionist to say that consciousness is just an energy computer. It must be more than that in the sense that it is self-aware. The human race has not come close to understanding what it would really take to cross the great divide between an amazingly smart supercomputer made out of energy — a biocomputer that is alive and able to draw power from its interactions and sustain its life and reproduce, a living computer — to something that experiences self-awareness. The experience of self-awareness cannot be reduced to anything else, neither scientifically nor even philosophically, yet.

So let’s say one has this moment of epiphany that lasts, in which one accepts that the universe may be a sentient thing and that each of us is a little face looking out from it.

If so, the idea of a permanent death caused by a happenstance in this current stage set has no binding effect on the parent consciousness that is playing this role.

This at least opens the door to consider as a real possibility that death may not be the end. How does that change the fear of becoming old? Profoundly. To its roots. Who cares if the setup is that there is incipient slowdown and decay at the end of one of these rides? Small price to pay. One can only hope that not every ride ends with a downslope. In fact, why imagine that a downslope has to be inevitable even in this life? If one is still functioning effectively, why project to oneself the repeated imaginary thought feeling that one is going downhill, getting old. The repetition of any thought feeling draws to oneself the reality that one is imagining. We make it come true by dwelling on it. We expect to start to break down, so we start to break down. We spend more and more time discussing the ills of old age. Given the possibility that my theory is correct and everything is made of consciousness, it is inevitable that the body cell consciousnesses will hear the operating system tell them to get old.

Let’s tell our body cell consciousnesses something else. Let’s vow to ourselves that we will make the effort to keep getting better on the inside every day for as far as the ride lasts, whether or not this body is the last chariot we ride in.

Best to all,


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2 thoughts on “How Do I Escape the Fear that I Am Growing Old?

  1. George Niver

    It’s always great to be reminded of the true nature of life and death, of material tendencies and spiritual truths. To step aside of the veils of maya, glimpse unity through layers of karma, seeking what is always there as the journey spirals in and out of clarity. The many facets of the little face as it slips in and out of remembrance, takes first steps, stumbles, endings and beginnings.

    This is a beautiful piece of writing, Bill. You should offer a study group on this and other topics. Not something that should be glanced at and passed by.

  2. Eric

    Ah, Bill, you do tackle the tough ones with great aplomb! I realized at 32 that we’ve also been programmed by society to age. The “Golden Years” being one of its “rewards”. Feh! said I. I decided, instead, that I would youthe. Been working on that ever since. Most other creatures averagely live 6x their prime age. For us, that means 120! Why not? And why not beat the averges and go beyond?? It is all one moment at a time anyway, so why not reach out for still more!

    Love, Eric


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