Virtual Reality

Created February 24, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

Isn’t it all virtual? “Virtual” refers to light – and Wheeler made it clear with an equation how light is bound into matter by channeling energy from distance movement into spin movement. We are already living in virtual reality then. Nevertheless, a new layer of it is coming.

In this week’s post, sharing with you the first chapter in my new novel Revelations: Live To All Minds in the Agents Of Cosmic Intelligence series. The story assumes that about thirty years from now we still haven’t wiped out the whole planet, and are still inventing things, and kids are growing up faster than ever.

A haptic suit is a VR device enabling tactile sensations. A Gibson is a tiara-like object which enables augmented reality to be seen as reality, by modulating the gestalting function of the brain.

Danny Rabella was alone in his room, his favorite way to be. His father Rudy, known to all as The Chief, was at his nightclub leading his band and MCing, like every night except Mondays. Danny liked the club but didn’t get to go there often, being only two years old, despite seeming much older. His mother Sophie was in her studio upstairs, painting. They lived in a duplex in Sutton Place.

Danny put on his haptic suit with its built-in Gibson, sat down at his desktop and powered it up. Having taught himself to read, he could have used the keyboard, but chose to give voice commands for simple things like going back to bookmarked locations. “Psycho,” he piped in his little boy voice. The room around him dissolved and he was in a much larger nightclub than his father’s. Kids were not allowed here but he had taught himself how to hack his way in lots of places he wasn’t allowed. His avatar tonight was Alexander the Great, a tall handsome Greek. The bouncer at the door didn’t even blink as Danny passed him going in with the rest of the crowd.

The virtual nightclub scene seemed totally like reality. This did not surprise Danny as he was used to such things. He liked being at eye levels with all these adults, whose avatars looked to mostly be in their twenties. Danny knew that not many other children could pass for adults getting into adult websites and he briefly exulted in this difference and then caught himself in an ego state and controlled it away. He was swept along by the packed throng eager to get closer to the stage to see what was going on and maybe, if they had the guts, to get up on the stage. So far Danny had not tried that but maybe tonight would be the night.

As he got closer to the stage, where the crowd was even denser, it became hard to move, and he appreciated having inhabited Alexander tonight because he could see over most people’s heads. Another tall man was getting up on the empty stage and the crowd was electrified with excitement to see that another person was going to undergo the rigors of being psychoanalyzed in front of what could be millions of people tuning in. The crowd roared, whistled, stomped, and applauded, and the young man took a sarcastic bow. The Analyst appeared overhead as a giant diaphanous figure smoking a cigar and the crowd hushed.

“What shall I call you, sir?” The Analyst, looking a bit like Sigmund Freud, asked politely in his booming reverberating voice which filled the giant club.

“Tony,” answered the man simply.

“How can I help you, Tony?” 

“I want to see myself more clearly, doctor.”

“You’re in the right place, Tony. Tell us about yourself.”

“I’m a very successful man and I’m 24 years old. I have my own schmatta business on Seventh Avenue. I’m even better-looking than I look in this avatar, which doesn’t quite capture my sex appeal.”

“He’s a garmento!” a male in the crowd yelled good-naturedly and other people in the same line of business cheered.

“Yeah,” Tony agreed, “but I’m thinking of selling the business and maybe going to Hollywood, or something.”

At this point Tony levitated a few feet off the stage and split into three Tonys floating in the air about ten feet away from each other, and the crowd gasped as they always did when the psychoanalytic process started this way. Danny admitted to himself that he loved this part. He had learned from his earlier visits to Psycho that the avatar in the middle was the actual person, and the other avatars that looked the same were partly controlled by the person, but also partly controlled by The Analyst, which was an AI that could rapidly look up everything publicly available about a person in less than a second, what they presented in social media being a main source.

“But you don’t know if you can act,” said the Tony on the left.

“I act all the time,” said the Tony in the middle. “I pretend to like my customers and my suppliers, and I know they are acting too, they don’t like me any better than I like most of them.”

“So you and they are not really fooling each other?” The Analyst asked.

“When you act in a movie you have to be believed by the audience,” the Tony on the left cautioned.

“You all believe me, don’t you?” asked the Tony in the middle, and the crowd yelled a mix of yes and no. Many of the yesses were in female voices and the Tony in the middle smiled smugly.

“Then maybe he can succeed in Hollywood,” said the Tony on the right, “he’s already fooled you all into thinking he’s successful. He’s actually a junior person in the business with a big ego and megalo dreams.”

“Maybe you are the part of me who is that way,” huffed the Tony in the center, but my real self is a good guy.”

Another Analyst appeared next to the first one, and this one looked a bit like Carl Jung. “These are all you, my boy, and you have to learn to integrate them all,” the second Analyst said.

“It’s okay to have a big ego,” the Tony on the left said, somewhat mockingly.

“Not really,” said the first Analyst, “the ego can work against the self, as we now have proven scientifically. The self has to take charge of the ego to become one integrated individual.”

“In our case,” the Tony on the right said, “the ego has taken charge of the self.”

“All too common, unfortunately,” said the first Analyst.

“I’m the self,” declared the Tony on the right, “You are my ego,” he said, pointing at the Tony in the middle, who seemed baffled by the situation. Inexplicably, the audience began thunderous applause.

“Then who am I?” asked the Tony on the left somewhat plaintively.

The first Analyst puffed his cigar, causing billowing grey clouds to form overhead. “You would appear to possibly be the internalized voice of his mother, eh?” The first Analyst looked at the second Analyst.

“Or possibly his father,” the second Analyst mused. “Which parent was more critical of you?”

“It was my mother!” the Tony in the middle blurted, and the Tony on the left now started to oscillate its appearance back and forth between looking like Tony and looking like his mother, a stern matronly woman.

“Do you have more internalized voices in you, Tony?” asked the second Analyst in a kind way. Other Tonys drifted out of the central Tony and the stage became filled with Tonys. “Did you know you had all these different sides of yourself, Tony?” asked the first Analyst.

The Tony in the middle was now quite upset and embarrassed to be unequal to the situation in front of so many people. He realized that this could ruin his life if he let it.

To be continued.

Love to all,



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We All Need Optimal Competition to Supplant the Unhealthy Kind

Created February 17, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

The optimal use of competition is to set it up to be good-natured. As if in a debating game. The way the Founders of the Constitution thought about it. Without fierce fear of failure, megalomaniacal attachment to power and political money, without hatred, gaming the system, or violence. The Founders knew there would inevitably always be political arguments along the way, but felt confident that with the checks and balances and good will, we would be able to work things out.

The Constitution itself never mentioned political parties. Jefferson and Washington both warned against the rise of political parties in America. They had seen what happened with the Tories and Whigs in Merrie Olde England. Wigs on the green. At the time, in the American Colonies, being the government was just a particularly hard and risky job without a lot of perks. Like being anything in the Colonies at that time.

In any situation where the lust for winning and the fear of losing has become obsessive, human effectiveness drops sharply. Different brain processes take over. Yerkes-Dodson experiments and later work by others proved that when we care too much about an outcome, we reduce our own power to get that outcome.

Too many of the human beings involved in the process of governing us are now showing their worst sides most of the time because they are so ignobly and obsessively motivated. I say ignobly because a public servant worth his or her or their title serves the public regardless of personal outcomes for themselves. They do the necessary for the good of the people. They keep their solemn Oath. Such were the Founders. If we had them today none of this would be happening. Which is not to say that all of our public servants today are ignoble. But the ignoble ones are showing off blatantly because they have used unfair tactics and are still getting away with it, so they appear at the moment to have the upper hand over the noble ones. 

What if anything can we do about the present disappointment many of us feel when we think about our beloved nation with its high ideals? Firstly, we ought not vote for ignobles. Secondly, smaller degrees of change are easier to achieve, so let’s see what can be done to moderate the behavior of those in government. They should be held to a higher standard. Lying, hate talk, attacking the other party, extolling one’s own party, damning the proposed solutions put forth by others without offering any solutions of one’s own, openly gaming the system (gerrymandering, filibustering, appointing of politically motivated judges) so as to gain and keep power, accepting inappropriate monetary rewards, there are specific guidelines which could be put forth as a new Code Of Conduct Standard for the country’s government decision makers at Federal, State, and even local levels.

That is only a surface change but it will have inner feedback loops that will help people break their conditioning. We’ve been all been conditioned and it’s hard but not impossible to break conditioning. Our conditioning began early and we had nothing to compare it to so we took it all for granted. Later we felt in our comfort zone to stay within the herd of people who received similar conditioning to ourselves, and we might not have even been conscious of doing it. This conditioning resides within brain neurons created by our experiences and affects us strongly. The repetition of reinforcement over decades enforces a self-image which is too much made up of what other people think and too little created by our own fully reconsidered clear-eyed contemplation.

In order for the governments of the world to perform optimally, and nations to be led to peaceful coexistence and compassionate cooperation, authoritarian (will take longer) and democracy/republic leaders need to evolve themselves by knowing themselves better, and by reinvigorating their true individuality. Becoming liberated from conditioned intense attachment to money and power and replacing those drives with loftier inspiration to make a better happier world. We all need this but we all need it to happen for world leaders as much as we need it for ourselves. Without inner changes in all of us, especially those who are supposed to lead us, the species might not make it in time to avert the many ticking timebombs our overwhelmed minds have created.  

Witness the recent slide of a perfectly humane and smart American party into what it is now. But the Republicans I know are nothing like that. Those in highest offices may be acting crazy, but the ground truth is quite different, very few Republicans I know who are not in the government are anything like crazy. It’s not the people; it’s a relative handful, a few thousand mis-motivated people that have arrogated unto themselves a great excess of power already, and they have made clear that they are not at all interested in keeping their oaths to protect the American Constitution. This is a domestic threat to our way of life. It’s un-American. It’s a return to what we sought to replace with Americanism. Because the atavistic governing style staging a comeback runs on bribes, maybe we should call it Bribalism.

The Business of the United States Is Business 

Republican legislators when acting sanely (before the extreme attachment to personal outcome hypnotized them) were pro-business before. Now their core is more the lesser educated, their concern for businesses could be manifesting as good advice and programs for small businesses in this era in which small businesses are arising more rapidly due to the internet. Meanwhile, businesses have transcended the pure profit motive for enlightened self-interest (buzzword: Purpose), which empowers them to take up good causes and aim to make people’s lives better. 

Although this is authentic to US business today, the party which used to cleave to business is not exactly doing that kind of thing as much. Now the GOP is saying only what will hold together the tens of millions of people who keep it in power. This is analogous to milking a brand that is on the decline: it will not avert the decline, but in the short term before that decline is finished, “get as much out of it as you can.” It would be far better to avert the decline by returning to its original brand identity as the Party of Lincoln, the party of business especially small businesses, the party demanding proofs and safeguards from those bringing progressive proposals, the party which completes a healthy optimal competition with the more change-oriented party.    

Republicans rise up to take responsibility for your party. You are true Americans; there are a few thousand people terrorizing the country and they unfortunately turn out to be all too many of the people we together elected, and unluckily for you most of them right now are of your party – but not of your mind, nor of your character. You have to rise up collectively to peacefully take back control of your party and bring it back to the center. No one else can do it but you. Step up, step forward, take responsibility. It’s the right thing to do.

Love to all, 


PS – How to take advantage of the “Yerkes-Dodson Law” (and more) to improve your own performance: 

PPS – I’m not saying bribes are limited to one party. Remember, I’m an Independent. As I’ve written here many times, I see fixed going-in conditions such as progressivism or conservatism to be biases, things which distort objective judgment and obscure and confuse objectivity. Biases block Observer state and Flow state.

What Ike Was Saying, Taken to Another Level

Created February 10, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

President Eisenhower warned us to be careful of the military-industrial complex. In a way, you might say what President Eisenhower was also saying was to look out for the people in the world who are impressed by and live by force, and want as much power as possible. Logically those would be the people to become obsessed with weapons and continuing to transcend last year’s weapons innovations. They would assume that with weapons advantages they could come pretty close to ruling the world without all that much risk to themselves.

Out here amongst the people, of course we want so many things, yet the thing we all know we want the most is not to get killed.

Whether you look down or up or straight across at it, the world since the atom bomb has been ruled by the threat of horrific world war. It is the central fear of the times. It puts its mark on everything in this historic era.

The people leading advanced weapons development are very intelligent. They are getting paid well and respected for doing their passion work that is at the cutting edge of basic science, advancing the key knowledge humanity seeks for purely curiosity reasons, leaving aside technological exploitation.

Their work is supported by businesspeople who are maximizing profits growth which is the main part of their job – the other part of their job is to be humane. The bigger part of the job tends to prevail. The lure of weapons and power does not necessarily attract people who are humane, although there is a spark of humanity in each and every one of us, waiting to be shown, or shining.

Our whole world revolves around two axes: hedonism and fear. The fear is atomic biological chemical all-out war and its terrorism foretastes, students shooting teachers, random people knifing random people. The hedonism is what we have now deified as the summum bonum of our culture, with cynicism to every idealism. What’s left after denying the perennial values is what you see and hear about. The world is not going to Hell in a handbasket for unknown causes. The reasons are totally obvious. 

We used to believe in honor, dignity, sincerity, love, loyalty, doing the right thing, truth, hard work, stiff upper lip, good soldier, devoted parent/child, kindness, empathy, but now the corrosive humor of our put-down culture has marinated and soured that great upbringing we all got, and few of us are acting out the role of heroes. All of us are heroes inside. Some rationalize random cruelty to others while strumming their own self-delusion of being a hero driven by lofty ideals.

The military-industrial complex is only part of the larger complex of having lost our way, our moral compass, having lost faith in our spiritual intuitions which when genuinely followed by actions in the world, greatly succeed. 

It’s as if the human race is saying, “Well, it sure looks as if God was just wishful thinking on our part, it’s obvious that the scientists enabling the new weapons don’t believe in it, so that proves there is no God!”

The word “God” (now captured by science as a theorized Higgs particle field) is a conversation stopper in most cases, because of the complexity of associations one has with the word. It’s best to start from a new word or phrase.

Let’s call it the intelligence of the universe.

There. Doesn’t that feel better? It isn’t so hard to imagine that the universe could be intelligent, and conscious, why not? Science has taught us that the world is much more complicated and strange than we could ever have imagined. Probability waves in quantum foam intercepted by a consciousness materialize into deterministic existence. Higgs fields that magically (no one has explained how) confer mass onto every particle in range, otherwise all particles have no mass. 

This all sounds so crazy the idea that “it” (the universe) is intelligent seems tame by comparison. It’s almost as if the inductive logic of observing all these strange new explanations of what reality is, lead us evermore to the suspicion that intelligence was behind the creation, not just lucky accidents occurring continuously. How did they ever put that one over on us, that all of this is one great big accident somehow luckily creating life and consciousness?! It seems so ridiculous in retrospect. We have not been firmly grounded. Each of us has been somewhat overwhelmed by the lives we live now. Some things have fooled us and we must think more deeply about them.

Love to all,



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The Meaning of Life: A Theory of Everything including Consciousness and “God” Pt. 10

Created February 3, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

Chapter Seven Cont. 

He/She/It is having your experience. You are sensing this as you having that experience. How could you tell the difference?

The one sure way you could tell the difference is if you find that you continue to experience experiencing after you die. If this happens, then the experiencer has obviously not died. You could then say, okay, it’s still just me, I am just reincarnating or something. True, but it could also be the other way: there might not be any separate “me”, it might be God looking out through your experiencing-window, having your experience, making your decisions, talking to Himself/Herself in your experience-bubble.

All we are proposing is that you imagine this is at least possible.

In fact there is as yet no scientific evidence to say which way it is or isn’t. The notion that our “separate consciousness” may be not separate but God talking to Himself/Herself within us, is no stranger than the it-all-happened-by-accident Big Bang something-came-out-of-nothing explanation.

If you can delicately balance your mind so that you can buy into neither notion but just admit to yourself that either one (or something else) could be the true explanation of reality — then you will have reset your mind to zero base on this subject.

When this happens, there will come a point when you suddenly say to yourself, Wow, it really could be true — anything could be happening here — I really have no idea — none of us do — and yet we all keep running on doing our thing as if it is a matter-based universe with nothing special going on in the background. Maybe that’s the smart thing to do, and maybe it isn’t. We are certainly not hedging our bets in any way. By basing everything on matter we might be missing some of the best stuff life has to offer.

What to do about it?

The sensible thing is to keep all options open and to explore all options more fully. Experiment carefully in all directions that pass the test of being positive, without any negative side effects potentially hurting anyone’s feelings or worse.

Enjoy the journey.

Love to all,



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