The Meaning of Life: A Theory of Everything including Consciousness and “God” Pt. 9

Created January 27, 2023

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Chapter Six


The Universe is its own art form. It is aesthetically beautiful.

Everywhere one looks – except for the apparent cruelty we see in human life and even as we surveil the fight for survival across all the species.

Why would The One Self put itself through such torture, since it is The One Self inside each of those creatures being waterboarded, electrocuted, stretched, or eaten alive?

It’s the price to pay for a game that enables surprise, drama, comedy, and learning. The One Self could prevent all suffering by making error impossible, however this would necessitate eliminating free will from the avatar. Probably The One Self is doing this elsewhere in the Universe, but Earth is an example of an area where free will is the game being played. Perhaps, to The One Self, the avoidance of error is not as valuable as going through error and learning from it. In the latter case, understanding has been gained, and one is potentially capable of not only preventing oneself from making the same type of error again, but also of explaining to others so that they are prepared to avoid the same type of errors.

Chapter Seven

Experimentation for Individuals

From the book You Are The Universe: Imagine That


Try this experiment. Imagine for a second the possibility that the voice you hear in your head — which you think of as you — is sometimes actually not you. Imagine it is at least possible that sometimes this voice is God, living your experience through your body and mind. Perhaps when what you hear in your mind has the ring of truth and the power to change your life for the better, that is higher wisdom being sent to you.

If that seems too hard to accept because of the connotations you have with the word “God”, then call it something else. Call it the One Consciousness that has always existed. Or The One for short.

Just suspend your disbelief for a moment. It is not easy to do, but it is not that hard once you get the hang of it.

If it makes it easier to imagine, think of The One as not so different from a software program existing alone in spacetime, always having existed. An incredible self-aware software program. With so much computing power and memory storage that the entire universe we know of can fit within one tiny corner.

Why would such a software program exist? How could something have always existed? These are mind-boggling questions. But so are the questions: Why would anything exist? How could something that has never existed before come into existence? Either way, the material Big Bang model, or the always-existing software program, both are hard to imagine. The only difference is that we have become used to the material Big Bang model. We have forgotten how to be amazed at it. It has worn out its amazingness for us. But these are just feelings. And we should not base our view of reality merely on what we are used to, so that now it feels right.

We ought to tune our feelings back to a zero baseline in this regard and take a fresh look, start from scratch again. A blank slate. Suspending belief and disbelief.

Just imagine it is at least conceivable that God — an incredible software program — a consciousness — an experiencer — is looking out your eyes.

Love to all,



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The Meaning of Life: A Theory of Everything including Consciousness and “God” Pt. 8

Created January 20, 2023

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Chapter Five

Extrasensory Perception

The theory in this book proposes that there was an Original Consciousness that corresponds to, and may be the reality behind, our concept of God. That Original Self has, in our theory at least, created an “arcade Universe” in which That Self may play, “as if” with friends, who are really subsets of The Original Self.

There is no reason to suppose that The One Self would have some built-in barrier preventing the mixing of consciousness1 with consciousness2. Certainly if The One Self has created all these galaxies, species, and all the incredible complexities science is slowly uncovering, the fungibility of consciousness we call extrasensory perception (ESP) should not be ruled out as a real (scientific) possibility.

The evidence already on the table for the statistical proof of ESP includes famous meta-analyses performed under the direction of Charles Tart.

Adding to this is the existence of rare individuals who appear to have received information from what could be above the level of the human race. These individuals include the Hebrew prophets, the authors of the Vedas, Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and many others, possibly including Einstein and Wheeler. This form of ESP is traditionally called inspiration, the receipt of knowledge from above.

Within the framework of our theory there is no reason to limit the likelihood of receiving guidance directly from The One Self – since we are each one unique combination of pieces of The One Self. We are also equal to The One Self in our awareness of being a self (we are the spark of experiencing), not equal in other functionalities, at least in our current incarnation.

There are many other powers of consciousness that tend to be denied and under-utilized in our current version of civilization. Hunches are sometimes accurate precognitions. Sometimes we are reading each other’s mind. Sometimes we think of a person at the same moment they think of us and we both find that out when one calls or writes the other by material means.

We also experience altered states of consciousness, with or without chemical stimuli. One such state named the Flow state by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is what athletes call the Zone and performers call being “on”, in which one is an engaged observer watching oneself perfectly execute the operations intended as if they are doing themselves – or as if The One Self has taken over control.

There are also Out Of Body Experiences and remote sensing and telekinesis (affecting the motion of other matter-energy objects other than oneself without causing any physical contact with the moved object). All of these are different ways that consciousness sometimes operates.

The writer has experienced all of these phenomena, most of it rarely, some of it daily.

One of the most useful forms of these peak experiences is the Observer state, a state of relative indifference to outcomes, which may be the prerequisite state to Flow state.

Synchronicity is often experienced and appears to be too unlikely every time it occurs to be explained away as mere coincidence. The mindset of asking oneself what the Universe is teaching us by a given synchronicity often yields insights which are of pragmatic value. This tends to cause one to think that an intentional process is behind these phenomena, a teleology (purpose-driven process) that runs through the whole Universe from its inception through each moment of time in each psion (the subatomic particle of consciousness).

Given the widespread denouncement of ESP one wonders if there were to be no such tabu, the population would quickly realize for themselves that these powers exist and can be cultivated.

The receiving of guidance from invisible benefactors is reported frequently not only in the Bible but throughout mythology. There could be a scientific basis for many of these reports, especially those that changed the world. In my youth I used the term “Noia” to mean “The suspicion that someone is out to do you good”. Having a worldview that meshes with an ability to spot cues from helpful invisible sources, is pro-survival, even if it rests upon a theory which may not yet be perfectly accurate.

Making scientific peace with God and ourselves as kindred consciousness will result in a more open-minded, less denial-driven, approach to discovering the functionalities within our own personal consciousness, including the power of prayer and the ability to engage in direct personal communication with the essence of yourself, the Creator of the Universe.

Although this is only a theory, the same is true of the theory of Materialistic Accidentalism. The question is which is closer to the truth. Our theory explains and integrates many phenomena that are neither explained nor allowed for in Materialistic Accidentalism, including all ESP phenomena, and including explaining how certain sages have been able to give such brilliant advice that molded our hisandherstory’s major turning points. It is consistent with the model of the connectedness of all things within a single consciousness.

Love to all,



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The Meaning of Life: A Theory of Everything including Consciousness and “God” Pt. 7

Created January 13, 2023

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Chapter Four

The Singularity

The moment in which The One Self becomes self-aware needs to be explained. Why did this singularity occur? Why had it never occurred before?

And what was it? If all that had existed was nothingness, something in the nothingness constituted possibility. 

The writer has come to picture this in two different ways, with and without Time:

The One Self has always existed and will always exist and is the only thing that exists. It has a waking/sleeping cycle. Every time it wakes up there is no memory at first. Perhaps there is a big bang every time The Self wakes up. The expanding universe reaches a certain point then begins to close back on itself into the sleep cycle. As if the Universe is breathing. In multiverse universe-sheaf imagery each Universe may manifest this differently.

The other way I visualize it is that all time exists at once, and the multiverse effect is compounded by different free will decisions in each starting universe.

Perhaps both views are true and co-exist, depending on how The One Self looks at it. All of this is for the enjoyment of The One Self. With infinite or virtually infinite computing power, The One Self could easily see itself both ways at once, with Time sequence or all-happening-at-once.

The design enables The One Self to pay special attention to minute details within HisHerSelf. Each of us is a special adventure-comedy-romance-drama story unfolding within the grand scheme of things, and what we experience as our “self” is actually The One Self.

How can that be?

Picture the singularity which appeared out of nothingness as a spark. That spark might be likened to a subatomic particle. However we posit it to have characteristics we do not normally associate with leptons, mesons, and bosons. Let’s call it a “psion” meaning that it has access to “psychic powers” as broadly defined to include the basic psychic power which is called “consciousness”. Consciousness itself is a psychic power. The most distinguishing characteristic that a psion has is its sustained ability to know itself to be an experiencer, and even in the absence of stimuli is able to experience thinking, feeling, envisioning, imagining, having hunches, intending, planning, anticipating…

It’s acknowledged that these are amazing powers in themselves, especially from the viewpoint of the moment in time just before the first psion existed. We will address “extrasensory perception” in the next Chapter.

Once there are multiple psions, they can interact with one another, providing stimuli one to the other.

Leibniz had a similar thought and his name for the conscious entities was “monads”. 

Technically, what we postulate is happening when The One Self creates an offspring of The Original Psion, is that The One Self teleports a copy of itself with certain functionalities withheld, to a place in spacetime, where that creature beings a series of lives, moving up the evolutionary chain to a higher and higher being life to life depending on speed of learning.

Interestingly, this has a resemblance to one of Wheeler’s theories, which was that all electrons are actually the same electron at different stages in its life. That Wheeler theory also has a nexus to Plato and his concept of there being a higher level of Universe where the ideal images of archetypal things exist. Consiliency of ideas across thinkers is suggestive evidence of probable truth. 

Although we do not know yet if this is the way reality really is, so far we can claim that there is a degree of agreement between our theory and the existing orthodox standard theory of physics today. Psions become part of the family of subatomic particles/wavicles. Consciousness is the field created around the particular psion. Each psion is actually the same singular spark of experiencing that noticed HisHerSelf at the beginning of the Universe.

This explains why consciousness (the observer) is so important in Einstein’s and Wheeler’s cosmologies. Recall that Wheeler indicated that matter-energy by itself can only have a shadowy existence until consciousness beholds that matter-energy. That is because the entirety of existence is there to be enjoyed, that is its purpose from the beginning. To be enjoyed by the seasoned experiencer The Original Self and by each of HisHer offspring.

The Universe which contained nothingness now also contains the singularity – the original spark of imagination which bootstrapped itself into a fullness of Universe populated by progeny each inhabited by Itself. The degree of Its own functionality transferred into each spinoff differs, with human level psions having uniqueness, free will, animation, reproduction, agency and other functionalities, which subatomic particles appear not to share. Yet even these particles are psions, they are made out of the only substance that exists, consciousness, and thus they are elemental particles/wavicles of consciousness, manifesting as matter-energy. Although it is all consciousness, some of it appears as matter-energy and some of it such as the thoughts in your head right now are invisible.

John Wheeler also happened to create the first formula by which light can be bound into matter. In Jewish cosmology and in the Bible, the first matter-energy that the first point of self-awareness creates, is light. Everything else in the world of matter-energy is a modulation of that original light.

At the human level of consciousness, we not only are consciousness (also manifesting physical bodies exhibiting some degree of energy) but we also through imagination and follow-through can turn our imaginings into matter-energy forms which other psions can appreciate. 

Jung was one of the thinkers who postulated the possible existence of a collective unconscious, where all human minds touch one another in a pool. Our theory is similar except that the collective consciousness contains everything in the Universe.

Bishop Berkeley had theories similar to the one we present here. He also described a way of being in which one sees oneself as being the only thing that exists, with everything else imaginary. This is called solipsism. Our theory would then be a species of universal solipsism, where even one’s own self is imaginary, and the Imaginer is the secret identity of all psions.

The functionalities which we describe in the process of The One Self building the Universe of beings and things call to mind familiar phenomena we observe in the natural world. Amoebas split off a part of themselves to create progeny; The One Self does the same. As mentioned earlier, octopi by their multiple brains are equipped to experience multiple selves, one for each tentacle, and the same could be true of other creatures here and on other planets. In humans there are many documented cases of split personality. Some species such as ants, bees and termites may experience groupminds, and watching a flight of birds or a school of fish move as one, suggests that such a phenomenon could be an on/off option available for more evolved species.  

These known phenomena demonstrate that consciousness is even more complicated than it seems, and that under certain conditions, psions may be able to share their consciousness. This is the subject of the next Chapter.

Love to all,



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The Meaning of Life: A Theory of Everything including Consciousness and “God” Pt. 6

Created January 6, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

Chapter Three

How Could One Imagination Create a Universe of So Many Beings?

Consciousness itself is a form of information processing. The closest analogy would be to call consciousness an energy computer, a computer made out of energy.

The consciousness level of a human being could never do all the things that the theoretical First Self has demonstrated in the universe we confront. We are limited to some degree by the physical constraints of our brain and nervous system. However even were we to be separated entirely from our body and discover that our consciousness still exists, if that is the case, it appears unlikely that we would at once have the functionality of mind to encompass the view into the inner perspective of all conscious beings in the universe simultaneously. Why is this so?

Human beings can partition their minds to a limited extent. In playing the piano, for example, the left hand and the right hand are doing different things at the same time. And creatures who are thought to be less intelligent than humans, such as octopi, have a brain in each tentacle, suggesting that each arm-leg might have its own sense of self which the whole creature is also able to experience through the sub-brains.

But living through each mind in the universe is a far more daunting task. As we know ourselves today, we would not be prepared for the experience of suddenly being able to see out the eyes and other sensory equipment of every mind in the universe. What we would probably experience in that situation would be complete overload, a chaos of unintegrated fleeting thoughts, feelings, images and impulses. It would likely be quite unpleasant.

What accounts for this vast difference in mental capacity? It possibly comes down to the amount of energy accessible by the mind in question. A human consumes and expends a few thousand calories worth of energy each day. The total universe production of energy per human 24-hour day is almost infinitely larger. The First Self must have always had energy on that scale. Being able to imagine many creatures and then enter them to live through them – with or without memory of being The First Self while in the creature – and to be able to enjoy the multiplicity of lives all at once is sign of infinite or virtually infinite attention span.

The First Self may have created beings vastly more mentally capable than we are, we just haven’t met them yet. Or their existence has yet to have been documented as fact.

It could also be that living through creatures with certain degrees of mental constraint – and doing so with no memory of actually being The One Self – enables The One Self to enjoy more powerful experiences with zero sense of them being just imaginary. Whereas from His/Her original perspective, it may be all too obvious that all of it is just imaginary.

Speculating further, the personas created by experiencing many lives sequentially (if that is what is going on) could create complex personalities that The One Self could enjoy as companions or “apprentices” over vast periods of time.

The One Self could help these avatars learn how to handle more simultaneous inputs and challenging ethical questions that would make it safer to allow them to be born into beings of greater power.

At the end of a long course of instruction and demonstration, a self that has accumulated wisdom and understanding over many lifetimes in an ascending array of levels of being (powers of mind), that such a self could be reabsorbed into The One Self as a conscious subself, a personality aspect imbued with the deep learning of experience.

If this is the sort of game the Universe is playing, even at our limited human level we can understand and appreciate the Universe’s motives. We are witnessing The Play Of Consciousness – the title of a wonderful book by Swami Muktananda. But simply the fact that it is playful does not mean that it is mere entertainment. The Universe is its own art form. It is aesthetically beautiful.

The theory that consciousness came first and created matter-energy – what I call The Theory of the Conscious Universe – is very close to the theories put forth by all Eastern spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism, and virtually identical to Kashmir Shaivism – except that the language the writer uses today is closer to the language of Western science. This is on purpose. The writer’s intent is to persuade the reader to open-mindedly consider the possibility – and perhaps probability – that something like the scenarios painted here is the real truth about what the universe is.

What about Western spiritual traditions? To what extent does The Theory of the Conscious Universe square with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?

All of these Western spiritual traditions stem from the founder’s experiences of communicating directly with The One Self and/or with beings more powerful than ourselves who serve The One Self.

The founder in each case teaches that consciousness continues after the death of the body.

And the main message is to do kindness continuously, and to seek to do what The One Self (whom they call God or Allah) teaches.

In certain branches including Jewish Kabbalists, Christian Quakers, and Islam in general, allowing The One Self to take over control of one’s body and mind is a specific teaching.

In at least these four specific areas – receiving guidance from above, consciousness survival after death, the importance of continuous kindness, and surrendering to control by The One Self – the Theory of the Conscious Universe lines up very well with spiritual traditions on Earth.

Love to all,



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