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Powerful Mind Pt. 4

Created March 31, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

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Chapter 2

The Observer State

A clearer, more effective state of consciousness —
only seconds away from your daily state of consciousness.
Just knowing it exists can benefit you

This entire book is about states of consciousness. In this chapter we will focus on one particular state of consciousness we call the Observer state. The Observer state is more powerful than the state most of us are in most of the time, and leads to the Flow state, which is more powerful still in terms of your ability to make an impact on others around you and on the world. We speak about both states as being “The Upper Mind”. The purpose of this book is to show you the simple yet easily missed doorways into the Upper Mind.

Why is it important to think about consciousness at all? Because life is all about consciousness. We do not exist without consciousness. While modern science has made brilliant progress in almost every other sphere of reality, too little is known about consciousness.

Yet all the ills of the world are rooted in ignorance of how consciousness works. We have made the world we see around us. It all started in our minds. Every day we do things we regret because we listen to and act on whatever our minds dish up to us. We need our minds to perform better, to become powerful, to gain insight into ourselves and others, to come to better decisions on a moment to moment basis.

The extreme anti-heroes who have become powerful on the world stage, who have driven much of our history so far, might not have chosen paths of destruction if their genius had been creatively channeled, if they had not lost touch with their compassion and love.

If we collectively knew our own minds better we would not go to war but rather we would find creative win/win solutions — the ones we get to in the end anyway after all the bloodshed. The path to a better world lies through the terrain of consciousness. One day when we all really do know our minds better the world will be a relative paradise compared to the way it has been throughout all recorded history. As the great science fiction pioneer H.G. Wells said, “History is a race between education and destruction.” If we can make our minds powerful now, we can gain the maturity as a race necessary to not destroy ourselves, given the extreme weaponry we have now at our disposal and our habitual disregard of our destructive effect on the environment (the air we breathe, the water we drink).

Because war is a pattern repeated throughout recorded history, we tend to assume this is the way it has to always be. And yet, “recorded history” literally means since the onset of written language. In short, written language and the thinking processes that go with it have led to acceleritis, information overload and Emergency Oversimplification Procedure (EOP), which blocks upper mind and leads not only to war but also to crime and personal cruelty born of our disconnection from innate compassion. Our minds need to become more powerful in order not to be confused by the information overload so much that we are easily led and manipulated into a life nearly devoid of positive feelings, squandering the opportunity of life.

Each of us knows intuitively that the only thing we can change is ourselves. This is the only way we can make a better world.

Powerful Mind seeks to reveal specific information and techniques for attaining specific states of consciousness. We will be talking about waking states of consciousness, not about sleeping states. Sleeping states are important too, but in the interest of focus we’ll leave these to another book.

A Broader View of What Science Is

Around 400 BC, in the Golden Age of Greek philosophy, one branch of philosophy called “epistemology” focused on understanding “how can we know”? Over time, different schools of thought evolved about how we can know: rationalists believe that we can know things directly through our intellect; authoritarians believe we know by listening to authority figures who tell us what we know; empiricists believe that we know by direct experience, by testing things in the real world; intuitionists believe we can know directly through a mysterious faculty.
Science developed out of empiricism, basing what we consider to be “truth” on factual experience, testing and validation. In the case of science as practiced in the West, especially in the last few hundred years, that “experience” is usually the taking of measurements using instruments with dials and displays from which one takes readings. The person taking the readings is the “observer” often mentioned in relativity and quantum mechanics, the latest forms of science. In the East, science is also based on experience, and there the experience can often be inner experience where dials and displays are not involved. This is still science and still based on empirical experience.

This Eastern willingness to accept internal evidence explains why science in the West has not validated the existence of the more effective states of consciousness. Starting toward the end of the 19th Century, inner experience or introspection fell out of favor in psychology, after William James, the last of the giants of psychology to accept inner evidence directly. The more externally-oriented culture of the West created a blind spot. In psychology, work shifted to behaviorism, the focus on externally quantifiable actions, along with the study and social application of conditioning to alter these actions.

Eastern epistemology actually fuses empiricism and intuitionism. No conflict is seen between these ways of knowing because they both involve experiencing reality for oneself.

Although based on empiricism, Western science became authoritarian and elitist in its epistemology: the common person was excluded from “knowing” by the reduction of all science to mathematics, a difficult language to master. Science at its cutting edge moved out of the sphere of something the common person could totally visualize and comprehend.

Science and States of Consciousness

Regarded academically as a “soft science”, traditional Western psychology recognizes only three states of consciousness: dreamless sleep, dream sleep, and waking consciousness. Eastern psychology since the fifth century B.C. recognized ten states of waking consciousness: the normal everyday waking state, the access state which precedes meditation, and eight progressively deeper states of meditation. Oscar Ichazo, a modern student/teacher of consciousness techniques and founder of the Arica Institute in 1968, fuses ideas from consciousness explorers throughout history (plus his own) to propose fifteen waking states of consciousness ranging from psychosis, through six levels of neurosis, three levels corresponding to the Eastern access state, and five levels of higher consciousness.

It is revealing that Western psychology reduces waking consciousness to a single state. William James was the first prominent Western psychologist who warned against “prematurely closing the book” on the existence of other states of waking consciousness. More recently, Mihaly Czikszenthmihalyi (pronounced “cheek-sent-me-high-ee”), former head of the University of Chicago Psychology Department, coined the term “Flow state” (known in show business as “Being On”, and in sports as “The Zone”), and conducted valuable research into this state, which was published in his 2008 book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

Details to follow in the subsequent posts.

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Powerful Mind Pt. 3

Created March 24, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

To read Powerful Mind Pt. 2, click here.

Latest brain science has validated the existence of states of consciousness above the normal waking state — called the Flow state, or the Zone. For example, Master Marvin Chun of Yale, a leading neuroscience expert, says that activity which looks in a scan like a continuous background of random self-chatter goes away when the brain goes into the high performance Zone — Flow state. One of the 12 simple keys in this book will increase your ability to turn off your own mental chatter at will.

Imagine if books like this become popular and more and more people use these techniques along with meditation. These techniques are the analogue of meditation for the rest of the waking day when one is not alone with eyes closed, meditating. Imagine the leaders of nations and corporations using these techniques, and making more effective and sustainable decisions.

There is a spiritual level within Flow state. In that state, you are clearly connected to the rest of the Universe. Life feels “numinous”, magical. You know that your own consciousness is in some way a part of a single Consciousness that is the Universe. You can see that what is called God is in fact a scientific reality. You realize there can be no death. Some people reach this state just once, and come back from it refreshed and energized. Some reach this state permanently.

As an individual becomes connected with this universal consciousness or Cosmic Mind, there are so many beautiful stages. Your ability to pick up on things as-if-telepathically increases. You are able to read messages that are meaningful for you in things going on around you, whether snatches of other people’s conversations, lyrics in songs on the radio, or billboards on the highway, as if the Universe knew that you needed that idea just then. Without trying, you seem to have just the right answer for people who come to you with emotional problems. You are living in each moment drawing out its sweet nectar without thinking of the next one. Even things that would have upset you are now just interesting puzzles to unwrap like gifts.

This is not a religious book. I believe that all religions are true — many paths to one God — and that the latest thinking in Quantum Mechanics will lead to a synthesis between QM and religion in which the word “faith” will be used less often because everyone will speak from certain knowledge.

This is a practical guidebook to help you tune your mind more effectively. It provides tools for internal information processing optimization — similar in a way to the media optimization tools I’ve helped invent for the marketing industry. Tools for sublimating negative emotion into learning and into action. Leaving only positive emotion. And leading to higher levels of consciousness.

These more effective levels of consciousness are what we are designed to experience all the time, and we would, except for the Information Overload. Techniques are needed to bolster the mind against the unavoidable daily overload. These are the techniques you will find in this book. They are designed to bring back the magic of reality. And to kick off an upward spiral in your positive creativity.

Powerful Mind creates a mood conducive to mental optimization. The content is all about mental optimization and the resulting better decisions — decisions that work better in the real world.

Using the techniques in Powerful Mind has made a positive difference in the lives of thousands of people. I’d like you to let me know what your experience was from reading the book — I look forward to hearing from you.

Get ready for an unusual and fun experience.

Hope you enjoy the book.

Details to follow in the subsequent posts.

Love to all,



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Powerful Mind Pt. 2

Created March 17, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

To read Powerful Mind Pt. 1, click here.

States of Consciousness

Flow state, or “being in the Zone”, is a shift of gears in the brain that happens when you are doing something you love — your life’s work — your true work. Your contribution to the Universe. What you leave behind for others to share. In Flow state everything seems to do itself while you watch blissfully. Flow state then gradually carries over to everything that you do.

Ironically, if you do an optimization model to figure out how to end war and make the world fun all the time, it comes down to matching each person with the thing they do best, and bringing that work out as a social value. Whether it is a great car mechanic, administrator, teacher, dancer, whatever it is that is your gift. We would all be having too much fun to want to fight wars. The value of the goods and services we produce would be increased to more than enough to go around. After all, Earth is still rich in resources and it is not too late to bring her back to mint condition. There is no end to our technological inventiveness. We just need to rechannel it positively, together.

Logically, since each of us is a unique package of Nature, a combination of genes which never existed before and will never exist again, we are like a precious piece in a cosmic museum. Irreplaceable.

Therefore, born with certain specific innate potentialities. The game of Life is to find these and capitalize on them. Get better and better, entering the Flow state. Leading to… leaving something behind. Making a difference.

Throughout history, many people have experienced the Flow state and some seem to live in it continuously. But is it out of reach for the average person?

You would think so just based on what you see around you. What if everyone is capable of Flow state but there’s something in the way?

The Cause of Poor Global Performance

There has been an acceleration in the amount of information the average person has been asked to process each day. This is actually the strongest possible deterrent to the Flow state.

The brain we have now is the same brain the first of our species had 200,000 years ago. Life back then was far simpler. There were fewer dimensions of life to cope with. The number of communications received each day was in the dozens. Today it is in the thousands. Advertising and marketing messages alone number around 1700 per day for the average American adult.

Every incoming message or experience we consciously notice generates questions for the inquisitive biocomputer that is the brain. When those questions never get answered, the brain starts to clog up. Emotionally-charged messages produce negatively creative defense reactions we are not even aware of. It’s been so long since we faced all the questions in our mind we go into an “Emergency Oversimplification Procedure” (EOP) to just get through each day. You can’t get into Flow state from EOP, though.

Making Powerful Mind

It’s possible to train the mind to stay focused through complexity, and to maintain emotional equipoise through stressful circumstances. It’s possible to get out of EOP. It’s possible to experience Flow. Over time it is a process. Eventually you might be able to live continuously in Flow — others do. Or spend half your time in it, getting better every day at moving toward Flow all the time.

Powerful Mind is your guide to a new level of mind Flow, using one simple key at a time. You will discover self-limiting behavior patterns in yourself and, remarkably, change them with little effort, because of your clarity. You will rediscover what you love doing and get flashes of inspiration about it. You will have the power and the will to persevere resolutely with confidence in reaching your goals. You will move into greater control of your life.

Details to follow in the subsequent posts.

Love to all,



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We All Need Optimal Competition to Supplant the Unhealthy Kind

Created February 17, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

The optimal use of competition is to set it up to be good-natured. As if in a debating game. The way the Founders of the Constitution thought about it. Without fierce fear of failure, megalomaniacal attachment to power and political money, without hatred, gaming the system, or violence. The Founders knew there would inevitably always be political arguments along the way, but felt confident that with the checks and balances and good will, we would be able to work things out.

The Constitution itself never mentioned political parties. Jefferson and Washington both warned against the rise of political parties in America. They had seen what happened with the Tories and Whigs in Merrie Olde England. Wigs on the green. At the time, in the American Colonies, being the government was just a particularly hard and risky job without a lot of perks. Like being anything in the Colonies at that time.

In any situation where the lust for winning and the fear of losing has become obsessive, human effectiveness drops sharply. Different brain processes take over. Yerkes-Dodson experiments and later work by others proved that when we care too much about an outcome, we reduce our own power to get that outcome.

Too many of the human beings involved in the process of governing us are now showing their worst sides most of the time because they are so ignobly and obsessively motivated. I say ignobly because a public servant worth his or her or their title serves the public regardless of personal outcomes for themselves. They do the necessary for the good of the people. They keep their solemn Oath. Such were the Founders. If we had them today none of this would be happening. Which is not to say that all of our public servants today are ignoble. But the ignoble ones are showing off blatantly because they have used unfair tactics and are still getting away with it, so they appear at the moment to have the upper hand over the noble ones. 

What if anything can we do about the present disappointment many of us feel when we think about our beloved nation with its high ideals? Firstly, we ought not vote for ignobles. Secondly, smaller degrees of change are easier to achieve, so let’s see what can be done to moderate the behavior of those in government. They should be held to a higher standard. Lying, hate talk, attacking the other party, extolling one’s own party, damning the proposed solutions put forth by others without offering any solutions of one’s own, openly gaming the system (gerrymandering, filibustering, appointing of politically motivated judges) so as to gain and keep power, accepting inappropriate monetary rewards, there are specific guidelines which could be put forth as a new Code Of Conduct Standard for the country’s government decision makers at Federal, State, and even local levels.

That is only a surface change but it will have inner feedback loops that will help people break their conditioning. We’ve been all been conditioned and it’s hard but not impossible to break conditioning. Our conditioning began early and we had nothing to compare it to so we took it all for granted. Later we felt in our comfort zone to stay within the herd of people who received similar conditioning to ourselves, and we might not have even been conscious of doing it. This conditioning resides within brain neurons created by our experiences and affects us strongly. The repetition of reinforcement over decades enforces a self-image which is too much made up of what other people think and too little created by our own fully reconsidered clear-eyed contemplation.

In order for the governments of the world to perform optimally, and nations to be led to peaceful coexistence and compassionate cooperation, authoritarian (will take longer) and democracy/republic leaders need to evolve themselves by knowing themselves better, and by reinvigorating their true individuality. Becoming liberated from conditioned intense attachment to money and power and replacing those drives with loftier inspiration to make a better happier world. We all need this but we all need it to happen for world leaders as much as we need it for ourselves. Without inner changes in all of us, especially those who are supposed to lead us, the species might not make it in time to avert the many ticking timebombs our overwhelmed minds have created.  

Witness the recent slide of a perfectly humane and smart American party into what it is now. But the Republicans I know are nothing like that. Those in highest offices may be acting crazy, but the ground truth is quite different, very few Republicans I know who are not in the government are anything like crazy. It’s not the people; it’s a relative handful, a few thousand mis-motivated people that have arrogated unto themselves a great excess of power already, and they have made clear that they are not at all interested in keeping their oaths to protect the American Constitution. This is a domestic threat to our way of life. It’s un-American. It’s a return to what we sought to replace with Americanism. Because the atavistic governing style staging a comeback runs on bribes, maybe we should call it Bribalism.

The Business of the United States Is Business 

Republican legislators when acting sanely (before the extreme attachment to personal outcome hypnotized them) were pro-business before. Now their core is more the lesser educated, their concern for businesses could be manifesting as good advice and programs for small businesses in this era in which small businesses are arising more rapidly due to the internet. Meanwhile, businesses have transcended the pure profit motive for enlightened self-interest (buzzword: Purpose), which empowers them to take up good causes and aim to make people’s lives better. 

Although this is authentic to US business today, the party which used to cleave to business is not exactly doing that kind of thing as much. Now the GOP is saying only what will hold together the tens of millions of people who keep it in power. This is analogous to milking a brand that is on the decline: it will not avert the decline, but in the short term before that decline is finished, “get as much out of it as you can.” It would be far better to avert the decline by returning to its original brand identity as the Party of Lincoln, the party of business especially small businesses, the party demanding proofs and safeguards from those bringing progressive proposals, the party which completes a healthy optimal competition with the more change-oriented party.    

Republicans rise up to take responsibility for your party. You are true Americans; there are a few thousand people terrorizing the country and they unfortunately turn out to be all too many of the people we together elected, and unluckily for you most of them right now are of your party – but not of your mind, nor of your character. You have to rise up collectively to peacefully take back control of your party and bring it back to the center. No one else can do it but you. Step up, step forward, take responsibility. It’s the right thing to do.

Love to all, 


PS – How to take advantage of the “Yerkes-Dodson Law” (and more) to improve your own performance: 

PPS – I’m not saying bribes are limited to one party. Remember, I’m an Independent. As I’ve written here many times, I see fixed going-in conditions such as progressivism or conservatism to be biases, things which distort objective judgment and obscure and confuse objectivity. Biases block Observer state and Flow state.