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Powerful Mind Pt. 3

Created March 24, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

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Latest brain science has validated the existence of states of consciousness above the normal waking state — called the Flow state, or the Zone. For example, Master Marvin Chun of Yale, a leading neuroscience expert, says that activity which looks in a scan like a continuous background of random self-chatter goes away when the brain goes into the high performance Zone — Flow state. One of the 12 simple keys in this book will increase your ability to turn off your own mental chatter at will.

Imagine if books like this become popular and more and more people use these techniques along with meditation. These techniques are the analogue of meditation for the rest of the waking day when one is not alone with eyes closed, meditating. Imagine the leaders of nations and corporations using these techniques, and making more effective and sustainable decisions.

There is a spiritual level within Flow state. In that state, you are clearly connected to the rest of the Universe. Life feels “numinous”, magical. You know that your own consciousness is in some way a part of a single Consciousness that is the Universe. You can see that what is called God is in fact a scientific reality. You realize there can be no death. Some people reach this state just once, and come back from it refreshed and energized. Some reach this state permanently.

As an individual becomes connected with this universal consciousness or Cosmic Mind, there are so many beautiful stages. Your ability to pick up on things as-if-telepathically increases. You are able to read messages that are meaningful for you in things going on around you, whether snatches of other people’s conversations, lyrics in songs on the radio, or billboards on the highway, as if the Universe knew that you needed that idea just then. Without trying, you seem to have just the right answer for people who come to you with emotional problems. You are living in each moment drawing out its sweet nectar without thinking of the next one. Even things that would have upset you are now just interesting puzzles to unwrap like gifts.

This is not a religious book. I believe that all religions are true — many paths to one God — and that the latest thinking in Quantum Mechanics will lead to a synthesis between QM and religion in which the word “faith” will be used less often because everyone will speak from certain knowledge.

This is a practical guidebook to help you tune your mind more effectively. It provides tools for internal information processing optimization — similar in a way to the media optimization tools I’ve helped invent for the marketing industry. Tools for sublimating negative emotion into learning and into action. Leaving only positive emotion. And leading to higher levels of consciousness.

These more effective levels of consciousness are what we are designed to experience all the time, and we would, except for the Information Overload. Techniques are needed to bolster the mind against the unavoidable daily overload. These are the techniques you will find in this book. They are designed to bring back the magic of reality. And to kick off an upward spiral in your positive creativity.

Powerful Mind creates a mood conducive to mental optimization. The content is all about mental optimization and the resulting better decisions — decisions that work better in the real world.

Using the techniques in Powerful Mind has made a positive difference in the lives of thousands of people. I’d like you to let me know what your experience was from reading the book — I look forward to hearing from you.

Get ready for an unusual and fun experience.

Hope you enjoy the book.

Details to follow in the subsequent posts.

Love to all,



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Powerful Mind Pt. 2

Created March 17, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

To read Powerful Mind Pt. 1, click here.

States of Consciousness

Flow state, or “being in the Zone”, is a shift of gears in the brain that happens when you are doing something you love — your life’s work — your true work. Your contribution to the Universe. What you leave behind for others to share. In Flow state everything seems to do itself while you watch blissfully. Flow state then gradually carries over to everything that you do.

Ironically, if you do an optimization model to figure out how to end war and make the world fun all the time, it comes down to matching each person with the thing they do best, and bringing that work out as a social value. Whether it is a great car mechanic, administrator, teacher, dancer, whatever it is that is your gift. We would all be having too much fun to want to fight wars. The value of the goods and services we produce would be increased to more than enough to go around. After all, Earth is still rich in resources and it is not too late to bring her back to mint condition. There is no end to our technological inventiveness. We just need to rechannel it positively, together.

Logically, since each of us is a unique package of Nature, a combination of genes which never existed before and will never exist again, we are like a precious piece in a cosmic museum. Irreplaceable.

Therefore, born with certain specific innate potentialities. The game of Life is to find these and capitalize on them. Get better and better, entering the Flow state. Leading to… leaving something behind. Making a difference.

Throughout history, many people have experienced the Flow state and some seem to live in it continuously. But is it out of reach for the average person?

You would think so just based on what you see around you. What if everyone is capable of Flow state but there’s something in the way?

The Cause of Poor Global Performance

There has been an acceleration in the amount of information the average person has been asked to process each day. This is actually the strongest possible deterrent to the Flow state.

The brain we have now is the same brain the first of our species had 200,000 years ago. Life back then was far simpler. There were fewer dimensions of life to cope with. The number of communications received each day was in the dozens. Today it is in the thousands. Advertising and marketing messages alone number around 1700 per day for the average American adult.

Every incoming message or experience we consciously notice generates questions for the inquisitive biocomputer that is the brain. When those questions never get answered, the brain starts to clog up. Emotionally-charged messages produce negatively creative defense reactions we are not even aware of. It’s been so long since we faced all the questions in our mind we go into an “Emergency Oversimplification Procedure” (EOP) to just get through each day. You can’t get into Flow state from EOP, though.

Making Powerful Mind

It’s possible to train the mind to stay focused through complexity, and to maintain emotional equipoise through stressful circumstances. It’s possible to get out of EOP. It’s possible to experience Flow. Over time it is a process. Eventually you might be able to live continuously in Flow — others do. Or spend half your time in it, getting better every day at moving toward Flow all the time.

Powerful Mind is your guide to a new level of mind Flow, using one simple key at a time. You will discover self-limiting behavior patterns in yourself and, remarkably, change them with little effort, because of your clarity. You will rediscover what you love doing and get flashes of inspiration about it. You will have the power and the will to persevere resolutely with confidence in reaching your goals. You will move into greater control of your life.

Details to follow in the subsequent posts.

Love to all,



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Powerful Mind Pt. 1

Created March 10, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

My beloved literary agent Bob Silverstein before he passed away, passionately advised me to write a sequel to Mind Magic. “You can help more people by translating your poetic language into simple natural language, and explaining things in more detail,” he explained. He then named the book Powerful Mind – “Something everybody wants” he said – and “reduce it to 12 Key principles.”

Thus, the nascent book Powerful Mind was born. I say “nascent” because after he ascended, I set the completed chapters aside to start on the Agents of Cosmic Intelligence series, which I’d been wanting to write for a long time. Now it’s time for me to complete Powerful Mind, and while I do that, I’d like to share with you the already-completed chapters in this blog, which we’ll be doing over the next month or so. That way you can give me feedback that will benefit the book, so we’ll sort of be writing it together. Thanks for your help!


The techniques of mind in this book were discovered over a thirty-year period by an ordinary person living an ordinary life. Well, there were some unusual aspects: he started performing onstage at the age of five, and sometimes experienced being in the Zone (also known as Flow state), leading him to a lifetime fascination with the mind, about which he read all his life. From early on he attempted to isolate the factors which led him to experience the Flow state, and created techniques of mind to control these factors, and increase the time he spent in Flow.

That person became a behavioral/ psychological researcher in the marketing world. He worked with surveys, brain waves, depth interviews, eye tracking, and many other forms of research. This research experience led him to package the techniques of mind in “book” form to use as a test stimulus, to see if the techniques would work on other people.

Unexpectedly, 35,000 people bought the book Mind Magic, which became known as an underground classic. Thousands of readers sent in unsolicited testimonials, many saying it was the most life-changing book they had ever read.

But the book was not complete. The techniques were not fully explained. And still they were effective. People wrote in that the techniques had brought them “incredible clarity” leading to knowing their true goals, effectively and creatively planning how to reach them, and how to carry out their plans with strength and courage they did not know they had. And achieving life satisfaction to a degree they did not know possible.

This then is the completed book, finally put together to benefit everybody. Here the techniques will be explained simply and thoroughly.

You will find yourself able to see where you have been going and where you now will be going, to realize your full potential. You will be confident, resolute, and patient, as if having more will power, yet some of this will simply be greater clarity on what will work in your life, and making better decisions about how you use your time and your emotional energies.

Instead of being daunted by problems, you will enjoy them as creative challenges, and will rise to every occasion, secure and integrated inside. You will think for yourself, and not be as easily swayed by other people’s opinions.

You will experience higher, more effective and creative states of consciousness. You will find yourself more observant. You will shift into and out of Flow state — being in the Zone as athletes call it — where your work or your fixing of relationships or anything important you need to do will be done with grace and beauty.

The World Needs This Now

The world is spinning out of control, for reasons we shall explore. The world’s economies are now tied tightly together and forecasts suggest that the future “adjustments” will probably continue to get larger until something changes dramatically.

People are for the most part unhappy too much of the time, as shown by surveys, divorce rates, and other indicators. And it is getting worse instead of getting better. It has been a long time since anything justified our high hopes.

And yet all this unhappiness is all in the mind. Only a small fraction of the world’s population is in actual physical danger today, and yet we all find something to be worried about.

What if there were a way to reliably increase the power of our minds? Not just pep talks or voodoo, but logical and proven steps we could take. Then, if enough of us find out about these methods and use them, happiness will spread, because the mind can choose to be happy, and can become more effective at solving the real problems, so that it won’t just be false happiness.

If we do this as individuals, we are making changes in the world on a person by person basis — starting with the one person we actually have some control over.

If the techniques work — as thousands of readers have told us they do — then eventually the world’s leaders will be using them, and this will make the biggest change of all.

Love to all,



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Virtual Reality Pt. 2

Created March 3, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Bill Harvey Blog.

We are concluding a two-part posting (see prior post) of a chapter out of my upcoming sci-fi novel Revelations: Live To All Minds. This will be the fifth title to be released in the Agents of Cosmic Intelligence series. Two year old Danny has snuck into a virtual reality nightclub called Psycho where he is in the audience watching a stranger Tony get psychoanalyzed on stage by AIs representing Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung. As we completed the prior post, Tony was losing his nerve under the pressures of millions in the audience watching his soul be stripped bare for all to see.

“Do you have more internalized voices in you, Tony?” asked the second Analyst in a kind way. Other Tonys drifted out of the central Tony and the stage became filled with Tonys. “Did you know you had all these different sides of yourself, Tony?” asked the first Analyst.

The Tony in the middle was now quite upset and embarrassed to be unequal to the situation in front of so many people. He realized that this could ruin his life if he let it. He realized it could also be just what he needed to make his life wonderful, but he couldn’t take the exposure any longer, and all the Tonys suddenly disappeared at once.

This was not a shock to anyone. The audience had seen this happen many times, it was actually rare for it to end any other way. Happy endings when the individual grew up before the eyes of spectators happened once in a long while. The series owners claimed that follow-up studies showed that most of the participants in the show became happier and better-integrated after the experience on stage. According to those studies, it often took a year for the people who played the game to assimilate the experience and make the most of it.  

Danny found himself slipping carefully through the crowd and was stunned to see himself walking up the steps onto the stage ahead of anyone else. He had not consciously decided to do it, but some part of him had acted, and now he was going along with it.

He felt his heart beating and his cheeks flushing. Those were feelings in his real body. He could see himself from the outside as the cameras picked him out like spotlights and made him the center of attention in the cavernous nightclub. He looked confident from the outside, which pleased and calmed him. He wondered if he would be able to speak because he now experienced mammoth stage fright. He had never experienced that before and it was frightening to feel loss of control. He had not expected this. He slowed his breathing and made his breaths deeper and longer and this seemed to steady him a little. His avatar looked around and Danny remembered to smile at the audience. It was hard to see them due to the actual spotlights, but he could make out a few faces at ringside and so he played to them. A young woman was smiling nicely at him and he liked her right away. He felt better focusing on that one person.

“My name is Danny,” he said. “I’d like to see all the sides of myself the way Tony did.”

“Welcome, Danny,” said the first Analyst. “Why do you want to see that?”

“I psychoanalyze myself all the time,” Danny said, finding himself floating upward and seeing a second Danny emerge from himself and float to the right. 

“That’s the part of you that does the psychoanalyzing,” the second Analyst said. “You don’t have to call it psychoanalyzing,” he added, “it’s actually called metacognition when you do it to yourself.”

“Of course,” the second Danny said with no help from Danny, “we all learned metacognition starting in daycare.” Danny was surprised that this part of himself found it so easy to make up and speak lies. Danny had never been in daycare, although he taught himself metacognition, and found the word itself by searching online for “psychoanalyze myself”.

Danny found it possible to also control some of the second Danny’s actions. He spoke through the second Danny to say, “And I studied it myself, on the web and in my head.” He often stayed up very late pretending to be asleep but actually meditating, contemplating, concentrating, and otherwise trying to figure out everything in the world. The subject he got furthest with was Danny.  

As he momentarily reflected on these things more Dannys came out of him to float across the stage to take station at some distance. He was amazed to be looking out the eyes of each of these avatars at the same time, and to feel that he had some control over all of them, although they could also act without him deciding to do so. He lost his nerve when he saw that one of the Dannys looked just like the real Danny – a two-year-old boy – and before he said “Off!” to depart Psycho, he saw that one of him was a rangy man with wild sandy hair who looked to be in his forties – who the hell was that? That’s me? Is that what I’m going to look like in forty years? Or was that what I looked like in my last incarnation?

He sat before his giant screen desktop still showing the stage at Psycho which was now empty except for the two giant hovering Analysts. 

“Well, I’m sorry we scared the pants off that one,” the second Analyst said to the first, “he looked like an interesting case.”

“Might have been an actual split personality,” mused the first Analyst.

“A very rare type,” commented the second Analyst, “he or she never posted anything on social media, we know nothing about ‘Danny’. Could have been an AI!” The two AI Analysts laughed, and so did the audience.

Danny wondered what he was. He knew from his own self-studies that he was a consciousness. He had a hunch that all the consciousnesses are a single consciousness, but he had no idea where that idea came from, other than his frequent sense of being able to tell what other people were feeling and thinking.         

Love to all,



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